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Daleks may be the answer to Earth’s little antibiotic-resistance problem

The idea is that UCL will culture the samples and then see if any can be used to produce useful antibiotics.Fighting antibiotic resistance is still a hopelessly deadlocked arms race against evolution.

Daleks Invade 'Lego Batman Movie'

Daleks Invade 'Lego Batman Movie' The Dark Knight returns to theaters this week in an epic battle of good versus evil.And in his quest to win back Batman’s attention, the Joker assembles “the worst villains in the history of the universe”—including Doctor Who‘s famous foes.

Seduce Any Whovian With These Pick-Up Lines

Seduce Any Whovian With These Pick-Up Lines There are only three words anyone ever wants to hear an attractive stranger say to them: “I’m the Doctor.” In lieu of that, though, try some of these Doctor Who-themed pick-up lines on that cute geek you’ve been eyeing.