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Daily News Feb-12-2017

Daily News Feb-12-2017 Click to block a category: notlittledevil prev nextrandomComment PrevTopNextComment Hamburg Airport evacuatedHamburg airport was evacuated under toxin alert after several people said had difficulties to breathe and suffered eye irritation.68 people were injured but nothing life threatening.

Daily News Feb-19-2017

Daily News Feb-19-2017 So far two candidates have announced that if they win, they will end Assange's

Daily News Feb-21-2017

Daily News Feb-21-2017 While there has been no damage to the Dam, relentless storms and heavy snowfall have caused the dam's retention pond to overflow and cascade into drainage areas.The tests were designed to look at how particular parts of the brain responded to the prospect of getting a reward.

Spacemap’s Beoncam is a crazy 360-degree camera you strap onto your wrist

Spacemap’s Beoncam is a crazy 360-degree camera you strap onto your wrist And that’s not counting the 360-degree cameras from Nokia, Samsung, LG, Huawei, and even Kodak.Enter Singapore-based Spacemap’s Beoncam, the world’s first 360-degree cameras housed inside an “elegantly designed, sleek wristband.

Daily News: Mar-3-2017

Daily  News: Mar-3-2017 Guillermo Lasso, the front-runner in Ecuador’s presidential election, says he intends to evict Assange from that country’s London embassy if he wins the April 2 runoff against ruling party candidate Lenín Moreno.But he also said he will work with other governments to find Assange a new home — which may keep the controversial free-speech advocate from being extradited.

Daily News March 5-2017

Daily News March 5-2017 He is said to have asked for the correction because it falsely insinuates that the FBI broke the law.The justice department did not issue any immediate statement in response to Mr Comey's reported request.

Daily News 6 March-2017

Daily News 6 March-2017 The escalation of tensions between the US and North Korea comes after the US announced the deployment of Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) anti-missile defence systems to South Korea to protect the country from any potential aggression from Pyongyang.South Korean news agency Yonhap said operations to install a Thaad battery had begun on Monday, with some parts flown from the US to an air base near Seoul.

Daily News: Mar-9-2017

Daily News: Mar-9-2017 Your ability to make a split-second decision could be powered by dopamine, researchers have discovered.Their discovery could help people who have problems controlling their movements, including those suffering from Parkinson's disease and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD).

Daily News: Mar-10-2017

Daily News: Mar-10-2017 Nor has the move to Adult Swim from its original home at Cartoon Network changed the core of the show.Once Tartakovsky made the decision to return to Samurai Jack, “all it took was one email and one phone call.

This anon gets it

This anon gets it I Daily Reminder: Dogma are the ultimate weapon against Islam Anonymous (ID:.And mares noi a goddamn person in the worm fhif doesn' t‘ mire mesa adorable fuckers.

2017 is 2016 all over again

2017 is 2016 all over again _I Tommy Hilfiger thinks modelGigi Haded could loathe key topeace in the Middle 21, 651.

Daily News: Mar-13-2017

Daily News: Mar-13-2017 Orangutans are dressed up and made to box each other to entertain visitors at a Thai zoo leading to animal rights activists demanding it is shut downA zoo in Thailand is profiting from 'orangutan boxing' where apes appear to fight for the amusement of locals and tourists.The supposed good-natured show - which takes place at Safari World in Bangkok - has been criticised by animal rights activists who say it should be shut down.

Daily News: Mar-20-2017

Daily News: Mar-20-2017 The Philippines step down and Vietnam steps up against Chinese aggressionToday, Vietnam's Prime Minister sought support for the nation's stance in the South China Sea when he met South Korea's foreign minister in Hanoi.Vietnam is the country most openly at odds with China over the waterway since the Philippines pulled back from confrontation under Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte.