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Dr. Cox being Dr. Cox

Dr. Cox being Dr. Cox /pol/ack on race as a social construct 22 hrs agoa female human.humanetress 22 hrs agoFuturama Shooting Stars Edit 21 hrs agoThat’s kind of an insensitive question 23 hrs agoWhen you have amazing situational awareness.

Oc polandball: Increasingly Dangerous Pets

you of looking beautiful this dayI should probably walk theother fifteenshiba graceful rike dragon.Greatest dog,husky big and Motcareful, Mexico looks like it' s doing to deliverdrugs through a burrito or some shitMIMEBLYAT,HTO TblGET OFF THE FOCKIN WALLguten tag!

anon takes shrooms for the first time.

anon takes shrooms for the first time. File: Screenshot 20, :

United is a disgrace

United is a disgrace ned flanders is my spirit animal 22 hrs agoHow to miss it from a mile away 21 hrs agoThat's one hell of a military career 17 hrs agoAre you uncomfortable yet?part 7 15 hrs agoDank Anime Weebms Part 96 19 hrs agoThrough the Fire and Flames GMV 17 hrs agoFirst post in a long time 22 hrs agoWhen you thought she said hi to you 21 hrs ago

Dr. Money will see you now

Dr. Money will see you now We funny because she' s almost going to he the outcast In the [aminobonus: she‘: blonds and.litres.

Dr. Barry J. Marshall

Dr. Barry J. Marshall Steve Harvey is the hardest man alive 2 mns agoAmerican Chicken Pie /instagram :animalsparkpakpak 3 mns agoDon't listen, it's a trap 41 mns agoRefugees now grow to succeed in Europe, Europe Yes!51 mns agoIt had a different meaning back then.