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I want to live in this anon's world

I want to live in this anon's world The true red pill is that North Korea doesn' t exist.Thepeninsula of Korea is actually about half as long and onlySouth Korea' exists.

Cry you a sweater

Cry you a sweater vs we rt:the boy cries ye a sweater-a tears.end ye kill himI can' t believe this doesn' t havemore mates like this is a toastierspongebob reference, this is alevel of spongebob humor that Ican' t even hope to achieve in mylifetimeHow in the hell?

Brit/pol/ on Socrates

Brit/pol/ on Socrates File: / (76 KB, 334x250)Socrates was somehow a hybrid.kknow for being a great soldierkknow and sexual prowessminnhe doesn' t want to work after getting back from warringmete a New of young men who follow him m/ ery/ where and treat him like a godbcba to provide for his family, would rather drink and shitpost with the ladsolives off autism/ pity but given to him by his friendsmet sentenced to death for corrupting the youtht bother defending himself and lets himself be put to death to make a pointlitterally chose death over becoming alitterally chose death over stopping the shitposting and becoming a normie