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Polk Audio parent company Sound United acquires Denon, Marantz parent D+M Group

Polk Audio parent company Sound United acquires Denon, Marantz parent D+M Group Some popular companies in the audiovisual space are now more closely related today, as Polk Audio and Definitive Technology parent company announced it has acquired the D+M Group, owner of Denon, HEOS by Denon, Marantz, and Boston Acoustics.More: Polk showcases a shrunken sound bar and hi-fi speakers at CEDIA 2016 “This transaction is a testament to D+M Group’s employees and exceptional brands and all that we’ve accomplished in the audio industry,” Caudill said in a statement.

I am a master criminal

Just a fun little story from my last DnD session: >3rd time playing DnD >Finally starting to get the hang of things >My DM knows I made a terrible character choice, so he let's me change things up >It actually falls in line perfectly with the story >no harm no foul >I choose to be an assassin rogue with a smuggler criminal background >Group just burned down a tavern >Long story, I have explained before: > >We need to get out of town >.fast >After a long search, we come across a large special gate >Can't remember the name of it, but it was special >The gate is locked >IgotThis.

A really sour DM

A really sour DM flanderization at it's finest 23 hrs agoIt's good to have a hobby.23 hrs agoDon't let them see your tears 19 hrs agopeople dying part 9 the suiciding 22 hrs agoWho Would You Workout With?

First Time DM Story

First Time DM Story Restarant,My second union though, I wanted to was with them a little bitmore.Ag they' re traveling along.

Missed a social cue, dodged a bullet

Missed a social cue, dodged a bullet Net neutrality, Online Protest information.1 mn agoDefunding Planned Parenthood increased adolescent abortion rates 6 mns agoYou will die before berserk ends.

when a DM shows up drunk

when a DM shows up drunk Die Pinguine Aus Madagaskar 18 snds agoAbstract trash that hermits like 6 mns agoBret Hart, Bob Holly & 123 Kid vs Owen Hart, Yokozuna & Hakushi 25 mns agoPolitico's latest political comic 31 mns agodino croc dragon reptile gecko 34 mns agoBloodborne fanart comp #2 38 mns agoWe're all gonna die.again 42 mns ago/v/irgin's beta experience 43 mns agoThe Life of a Plague Doctor 43 mns agoI still don't understand this meme 46 mns ago

The worst thing in dnd

The worst thing in dnd "Get back to me when a fat girl does the same thing." 19 mns agoGotta love meaningful dialogue 23 mns agoHow Papa Gil Solves his kid problem 27 mns agoGet them before it sells out boiis 51 mns agoWinner winner fidget spinner 53 mns agothe lesbian mating dance.