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Anon's a morning person

Anon's a morning person i Anonymous 02/ 15/ 17( Wed) 18: 47: 09 No.34898847Imagine being able to wake upwith this same joy and desire tobegin another day, not crawlingout of your bed in a stupor ofdepression and stumblingtowards the tasks at hand.

Desire for a Dragon [k009 Comic]

Desire for a Dragon [k009 Comic] Sell the trash to the kids to rule the world 17 hrs agoJapanese know how to have fun 20 hrs agoJonTron has already almost recouped his lost subscribers 14 hrs ago‘HUNT & KILL ALL WHITE WOMEN’ 17 hrs agoPlaytonic banning users for asking for refunds 14 hrs agoSuapome Gurlagha Eniammubei 18 hrs ago/pol/ on Trump and Trucks.18 hrs agoNew Calculator II: The Revengening 23 hrs ago

HTC’s slickly styled Desire 620 is now official

HTC’s slickly styled Desire 620 is now official Following the new design introduced with the Desire 820, HTC’s latest Desire model looks great, and will be available in two different colors, plus at least one special edition.The Desire 620 isn’t quite so impressive on the photographic side, but the 8-megapixel rear camera and 5-megapixel front cam should still take decent snaps.

Mudkip's Stolen Memes #47.5

Mudkip's Stolen Memes #47.5 Little Firefighter (P4-P6) + (Extra) 21 hrs agoThe trash will show you the way 16 hrs agoSo.the face of my GF when I'm naked.

Target of Desire: Episode 1

Target of Desire: Episode 1 If there are too many enemies on the screen at the same time, the game is over.New Game - starts the game over from the first scene Resume Game - continues the game from the most recently visited scene Practice - a mini version of the actual game.