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How dare you be a working mother!

How dare you be a working mother! Into Verizon LTE 5: 21 PM L E MD4 Tweet ck ltr/ f'blanka Trump @ Np''Taking a call in the White House with mypersonal assistant Theodore.lit'ilana glaser 9 hott'blazerh/ is this a joke'?

Anon plays Truth or Dare

Anon plays Truth or Dare I Anonymous fulfil' ( Sun) F :: :, -21321554 2:; -21321559 :] 11rile meIto.6110out for Valentines Day with bestie of 3 yearsAt' s tec baically a dateThinner and so Shades of Shitice C ream afterwardsFailte her a glass flower I bought earlier in the monthloaves it and we go for a walkPPU LL OUT ESL] M: TRUTH OR DARE, packwrapper says to take a serie with eyes C loseddoesbl read mineIt says to ask the most beautiful person in the room fora kissowe laugh it off but l remember the glass flower base has a mirror on the bottom sideWhere' s the most beautiful girl at tha?