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GC: morbid comp 2

GC: morbid comp 2 Here it is, my second morbid comp.Finding decent content for this was more challenging than for my cringe comps but I managed to pull it off.

Guys be like 'why cant i find anybody'

4 Shareshared Scrolli King' s photo.MAin' t 2 many chicks out herethat' s gon ride witchu & struggleI - __ _ - shared Amman Shaylah' e photo.

GC: Cringe Comp 12

GC: Cringe Comp 12 Currently my sides have entered orbit and refuse to cemo detain I r my god my fucking sides!Hard murderthon l skilltree- Jesus christ my sides are in earth' s lower orbit (),,,,])'?

two sides of cringe

two sides of cringe This will never be breaking news 18 hrs agoHow does Merkel sleep at night?19 hrs agoBulgarians removing illegal kebabs 12 hrs agoLeaf defend America against a "world power" 13 hrs agoShell puppy and his new toy 16 hrs agoWould you go out with me?