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Racist liberal thinks "okay" hand gesture is racist

Racist liberal thinks "okay" hand gesture is racist NP'Fer reference: international SCUBA hand signal fer "Okay" (stop the crazy,please)The first hand signal that men scubadivers learn is the "Okay'' hand signal.The "Okay" signal is made hypheningthe townshend index Bets harm alean.

Two types of people

Two types of people i've been kidnap at link's place 3 mns agoIs there an updated version of this?5 mns agopsychicbebbles and nikkinacks 12 mns agoCommanders position on gender 13 mns agoCubsabis Tean Layt Puenov 23 mns agois anju the lady my mother 28 mns agosaria the girl your favorite 43 mns ago

is he right or just a crazy neckbeard?

is he right or just a crazy neckbeard? I can understand why large numbers of young men and middle aged men are committingsuicide (self.People who don' t realize this Just haven' t run into the proper knowledge I suppose.

Anon realizes he's gay

Anon realizes he's gay Board /b/ -Random T T Settings Homeno joke, crazy frog made me realize i was gay.irewatched all of the crazy frog videos again andagain pausing whenever there was a good shotof his floppy donger.

more crazy russians please

more crazy russians please Crash Bandicoot 2 ~ WOAH!Memes STRIKE BACK 100% FC 9 mns agoPrelude to Happening #3 - 1/2 9 mns agoHero of Cambrill - Japanese Pottery 14 mns agoSuper Chicken Hero Champion 17 mns agoToday in Wholesome: Black Man Spends Time Befriending KKK Members 24 mns agoHe is called Master Joker for a reason 35 mns agoComics by Rustled Jimmies 44 mns agoCan we force the anti refugee agenda now 47 mns agoLocal man played like a fiddle 51 mns agoMadness At The Core Of Time 57 mns agoThe man the legend and his niece 58 mns agoYou bet your ass I named him Diego 1 hr ago