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Anon has a flag collection

Anon has a flag collection yhave a flag collectionaalways have different flagshangingMast week decided to have atheme of Christian countriesthe USA, the Vatican, Poland, Brazil andItaly flagssolder brother and his girlfriend come to visitethey get my room for some reason, I have tosleep in the bathtubroan hear them through the walltthey are laughing about my 'creepy flags'tthey start having sex in my bedffeel angry about thateithe wall I am on the other side of is the one withthe Vatican flagcashout in a Italian accents" ISA THE POPE, STOP/ k HAVING A SEX'tthey go silentdoor openwalks into the bathroom and punchesme in the head then goes backtthey keep having sexKB JPGfucking normies

Terror against Christians in Egypt.

Al least 21 have died and 50 wounded after an explosion in a Coptic Christian St.George church in the city of Tanta in northern Egypt.

Some Christian meme dump

Some Christian meme dump RIP in pieces Stubbs the Cat 23 hrs agoDank thrones comp Season 7 part 1 23 hrs agoYou can always count on the Simpsons for a good laugh 23 hrs ago/his/ describes a moneyless society 21 hrs agoAnon tries to commit suicide with a bow 23 hrs agoTrump is more powerful than we thought 20 hrs ago