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Daily News July-3-2017

Daily News July-3-2017 Things are not looking all that great for Ethereum right now.WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THE ETHEREUM PRICE?

Fucking self entitled celebrities

Fucking self entitled celebrities The Dark Side Of Celebrity: Chris Pratt Won' tStar In A Movie Unless You Pay Him Moneyill, ouri Au'sChe Pitt SSEE' T' IS ike a friendly gm on seem.but perdiste' N rll" P.

Confused Chris Pratt learns a valuable lesson

Confused Chris Pratt learns a valuable lesson When the commissar puts you on babysitting duty 47 mns agoHey its Kane from wrestling!What are you up to?

Sir Chris Hoy is ruthless

Sir Chris Hoy is ruthless The greatest moniter of them all 3 mns agoSpecial Counsel For Clinton, Comey, & Lynch 5 mns agodeadmau5's odd encounter with Nicolas Cage 7 mns agoAnon cant escape Stacy's orbit 8 mns agoThe Schedule Of Powers CYOA 10 mns agoBlackrock School Of Engineering CYOA 10 mns agoQuestion for the greater community about comments 13 mns agoTensions are running high in the White House 17 mns agoTommy Sotomayor explains how black women sold out black men 17 mns agoDon't talk to me or my squids ever again 20 mns agoJin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade Remaster Leak 28 mns agoSplinter Puss: Meow Mix Theory 31 mns agoBlatant Misquotes: Ahnoldt Edition 38 mns agoGoddess of the Hearth CYOA 42 mns ago

Meg and Chris Fight

Meg and Chris Fight That's enough internet for today 9 mns agoWhen you catch yourself stealing from you 34 mns agoThe Rising of the Shield Hero Ch.4-2 38 mns agoThe Rising of the Shield Hero Ch.

Chris Pratt gets pranked

Chris Pratt gets pranked JoJo's Bizarre Summer Break Chapters 69 and 70 54 snds agoUbirdiow Xiriofu Odapontab 27 mns agoWifato Forirn Akig Mengadr 29 mns agoWHY WOULD YOU WASTE MY PRODUCT YOU SWINE 37 mns agodo i lose respect for him?