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Machicolations and Magic Pt1-3

Machicolations and Magic Pt1-3 Click to block a category: englishwitch prev nextrandomComment PrevTopNextComment Machicolations and Magic, is a Choose Your Adventure comic done by the talented tumblr artist: discount-supervillain.Since there is a bit of a backlog with postings, I will try and get us caught up ASAP.

Choose thy path carefully...

Choose thy path carefully... Difference between a ghost and a ghoul 22 hrs agothe guardsmen spirit is strong 20 hrs agoVavnyelfil Utabtod Headifo 20 hrs ago/tv/ snickers at a fatty in the theater 17 hrs agoEven Villains Need Company 22 hrs agoMEME WAR: OPERATION STOCK EXCHANGE 20 hrs agoJustin's Wholesome Memes/Comics #35 Or 23 20 hrs agothat's why i never lend my phone 21 hrs agoGays culturally appropriate God 21 hrs agoWrite The Following In English 19 hrs agoWhy is there still a Katawa Shoujo General?23 hrs agoBlack people invented English ya'll 17 hrs agothat uncomfortable feeling 20 hrs agoTrue Love Knows No Prejudice 04/03/2017

Disliking dicks is transphobic

Disliking dicks is transphobic I know this isn't the right place 19 hrs agoNOPE - nightmare souls complete 23 hrs agoA SMALL LOAN OF 2 MILLION EUROS 23 hrs agoSmall Rick and Morty dump cos I'm obsessed, and have no life.20 hrs agoBefore vs After your Toonami reboot 21 hrs agoWhen I log into Steam.