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Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko! pt. 49

Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko! pt. 49 Crazy suomi riding on an elk 10 mns agoJoJo Reference in Shokugeki no Souma 11 mns agoM1 / Battle of the Nations 11 mns agoAn 18-year-old with liver failure.11 mns agoWhat does this little dog want to tell us?


DO YOU HAVE BRAIN DAMAGE? Yeah its a repost but I need this right now and some of you guys 03/10/2017They Said it Couldn't be Done!19 hrs agoThe enemy of my enemy is my friend 22 hrs agoIt's bigger on the inside 7 hrs ago76 is not always a bitter old man 22 hrs ago

Stars and their doubles

Stars and their doubles Who looks at the titles anyway 19 hrs agoThat awkward moment when!18 hrs agoJustin's Wholesome Memes/Comics #31 18 hrs agoRaccoons stealing your memes 15 hrs agoa weapon to surpass metal gear 20 hrs ago/pol/ reacts to the death of David Rockefeller 17 hrs agoDavid Rockefeller dies aged 101 20 hrs agofor the emperor, kill the heretics 15 hrs agoRobot remembers the good ole days 17 hrs agoIf Link Were Riased as a Gerudo 17 hrs ago/pol/ plans to sabotage billboard 18 hrs agoMigrants and far-left attack police in Paris 17 hrs ago

Your shoelaces will thank you — Chainless is a new kind of bike sans chains

Your shoelaces will thank you — Chainless is a new kind of bike sans chains This is indeed a chainless bicycle known as Chainless, powered instead by tungsten gears and RTS technology.And without chains, that means no worries about rusting parts, caught shoelaces, or snapping hardware — really, your bike riding experience may never be the same.

I Ship These Two

I Ship These Two The separation of trash and can 20 hrs agoConsole-tan Short; aznzeus is a faggot 19 hrs agoAll I do is Steal Memes then Edit Them Slightly 22 hrs agoWouldn't even be mad, that's amazing!23 hrs agoGLORY TO THE FIRST ORDER!