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Shia Lapepe (ft John Cena)

Shia Lapepe (ft John Cena) Based Dad dishes out the law in his house 23 hrs agoGet Ronnie Some Of That Purple Drank 16 hrs agoShia is ready to bash the fash 20 hrs agothe last 2 comments are gold 20 hrs agoFarting in front of your SO 20 hrs ago*Pomf* What are we gonna do on the kitchen floor?22 hrs ago

The Worst And Weirdest WWE Fan Art

The Worst And Weirdest WWE Fan Art Ultimate Warrior Sonic The essential rule of fan art is "there is always a Sonic the Hedgehog version," and WWE is no exception.Shield Baby Carriers On Tumblr at least, the wrestlers who inspire far and away the most fan art are the ex-members of the Shield - Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose.