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Vandalism Comp, only new stories

Vandalism Comp, only new stories Confederate monument near UT vandalized; petition wants it removedA monument to Confederate soldiers in the Fort Sanders community near the University of Tennessee was covered in blue paint on Wednesday, as a petition gathers signatures to remove it.The monument, erected at the corner of 17th Street and Laurel Avenue, was placed by the Daughters of the Confederacy in 1914 to commemorate the Confederate soldiers who died in the Battle of Fort Sanders on Nov.

Anon is in a bad spot

Anon is in a bad spot 09/ 14/ 17( Thu) 06: 09: 34 No.141455939fucks shit up in polkcountywe stores openW' s 100 fucking degrees all thetimeis not supposed to be onfor another 2 too 3 weeksPoolice stop Corning to my neighborhood afterthe first nightnly person on road with generator, it barelyworks.