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Facts I found interesting about Pokemon

Facts I found interesting about Pokemon ”#17 Some of Wobbuffet’s Pokédex entries:“To keep its pitch-black tail hidden, it lives quietly in the darkness.”“Usually docile, a Wobbuffet strikes back ferociously if its black tail is attacked.

He's wearing gloves

He's wearing gloves Kayshec Xivakn Zyshaneend 10 mns agoWhy Aren't You Wealthy Now?12 mns agoNever Trust An Anime Avatar 13 mns ago"Toddlers Understand Consent" 17 mns agoCh Ch Ch Check your Privilege 19 mns agoPhone Calls in a nutshell 27 mns agoZire Mustantex Worlouspar 30 mns agoGoing to the gym is Right Wing Extremism 31 mns agocupcake price based on race 34 mns agoGidecer Anei Pospo Emamman 35 mns agodo white girls only want black men?

Transgendered Military Rescue Escapade

Transgendered Military Rescue Escapade Star-Spangled Boat At The Beach 2 mns agoWashington Post doxxes 9yo boy 10 mns agoNytandonda Pexhel Gomushin 11 mns agoBerserk: Manga Guts VS.Anime Guts 13 mns agoHE GOT HIS SZECHUAN SAUCE!