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FUCK WHITE KUNG FU SEASONSGotham: Season 3Critics Consensus: No consensus yet.2016, FOX, 14 episodesGotham: Season 2if Critics Consensus: While still tonally uneven in seasonNatl two, Gotham is back with a renewed focus, movingaway from disjointed plots into adarker, more stable serialized story.

Drunk girls are the best

Drunk girls are the best Pissaro'scuri_ ously:I honestly love drunk girls so much,last night I was at a party and a girlstarted crying because she loved myhairOne time in college, I had a fight with myboyfriend and was sitting outside crying,and a drunk girl came over and gave mea leaf to make me feel better.Source:147.

Anon tries to eat healthy

Anon tries to eat healthy i Anonymous 03/ 23/ 1 7( Thu) 08: 58: 09Fat generalaask for a healthy dinnermmy enabler brings homehamburgers because "they hassalad in them"the stupid bitch is killing75 KB JPGi Anonymous 03/ 23/ 17( Thu) 1 1: 50: 39You can strengthen your willreminder that there are peopleout there who were able torecover from a heroin addictionwhile you cant handle not stuffing your face allthe time56 KB JPG