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We need to ban assault weapons

We need to ban assault weapons That's one hell of a military career 22 hrs agoAre you uncomfortable yet?part 7 20 hrs agoQuick, while the British are asleep upvote iced tea 17 hrs agoKids the buckeling part 3 19 hrs agoHeard you like armor / cosplay 17 hrs agoWhat is this , trash for losers?

I see their point

I see their point How Rio de Janeiro looked in 1950s 19 hrs agoSouth Park won't bash Trump to not be like CNN 17 hrs agoHow to die from fear itself 10 hrs agoDeadshots grandfather, circa 1945 13 hrs agoA lesson about forgivness 23 hrs agoAnon gets in trouble because of vidya 11 hrs ago

/a/spies recognize that ass

/a/spies recognize that ass Thaw a woman' s ass3 I Anonymous 071 T{ Sun] 21 :99: 35 vPretty sure this is the ass of Mandy Kay.Ne lost too much sperm to her, even being DDPOI Anonymous ' ) : 02 No_ 159553939 vCu ; A (7 13 KB, ') mg yandex icdh waaitp.

For China’s censors, livestreaming is a huge headache

For China’s censors, livestreaming is a huge headache In a show of strength, in anticipation of a huge political event, China is cracking down hard on the one thing it hasn't been able to control — livestreaming.With 731 million internet users in China — of which 300 million have used livestreaming apps — its no surprise that the country's livestreaming industry is worth an estimated $9 billion.

Dark souls comp #45 (I think)

Dark souls comp #45 (I think) Tony vs Bill: Kiss and make up Best GTA V RP Highlights #46 25 snds ago/x/ guard fights iraqi zombies 1 mn agoPerfect games don't exis- 17 mns agoLike touching a bench that says wet paint.17 mns agoDamnit Google you ruined it!

'Despacito' deemed too saucy for Malaysian radio

'Despacito' deemed too saucy for Malaysian radio You won't be able to hear catchy hit song "Despacito" on any of Malaysia's 44 public radio stations any time soon.That's because public broadcaster Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM) has banned the Luis Fonsi single, following complaints from conservative Muslim groups.