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It didn't work

It didn't work World Oldest Person Passes Away 23 hrs agoNorth Korean Defector Speaks Out (adorable) 23 hrs agoXunofteins Ruavar Xabtigu 20 hrs agoLiberals versus math, who will win?18 hrs agoLateral trash from the land of Azeban 9 hrs agohistorical photos part 3 Brazilian 23 hrs ago"I'm neither man nor woman" 21 hrs agoThe Scotsman's Daughters.

Anon tries a social experiment

Anon tries a social experiment 5 Anonymousin class todaybe mein class todaysociology aka Shih/ bootcampskew.14 with bad10 KB attitude sits next to meon my shitty Ah/ ID Hptouchscreen laptopon ychani notice she is looking at my screensecretlyon this board in the middle of classscroll down a littlepornshe went to sit somewhere else a andlooked at me in disgust the rest of the class5 AnonymousTell her it was a social experiment

If you're feeling bad..

If you're feeling bad.. Kotuckoke Etolsua Avoncem 20 hrs agoGod I Wish That Were Me: Marvel Edition 14 hrs ago/pol/ on interracial dating 14 hrs agoBest of Twitter Comp (Pt 10) 23 hrs agoIt hungers for more trash 5 hrs agoMonster Fact Comp: The Return of the King 19 hrs agoSteve Irwin's Son on the Tonight Show 14 hrs agoUS charity worker freed after 3yrs in Egyptian detention 21 hrs agoawkward teacher/student moments 12 hrs ago

The science behind race mixing

The science behind race mixing MI File: relationship, jpg (48 KB, 485x364)Ne heard Race Mixing is pretty bad, and that the offspring arementally challenged.But are there any advantages to race mixing?

/pol/lak reveals his power level...

/pol/lak reveals his power level... i Anonymous (ID: ()GUYS HELP I SCREWED up BAD!More meSterne to get wisdom teethpulled outego under drugsbrny family now has videos37 KB JPG of me crying profusely as irant on about how the jewsare subverting our white culturethe doctor is jewishsentir/ everybody knows i' a bad goywt: 2 help

I don't have a FJ Picardia, my bad.

I don't have a FJ Picardia, my bad. when you start spamming borderline NSFWstuff on channels because you don' t getenough points on NSFW itself and tell peopleto just block your channel and when theyblock them you just open 3 more and startspamming, too and when they start blockingall of these channels you start posting yourshitty content in the regular channels as well