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Anon has a bad day

Anon has a bad day E AnonymousH” A shaving a really shitty daywe to the KFC drivethroughatthe female cashier seemsreally creeped out by me21 KB JPG fer same reasenasst hands me my feedwithout a word, I say "Thanks" and drive offsteel even verse because the cashierdidn' t even tell me to have a nice daysstop by the convenience store on the wayhemeaanother female cashier, diesn' t greet me,diesn' t tell me he have a nice dayr-" get inside my car and just fucking SNAPand start screamingElam car into reverse and blast out of myspace without leakingspull out really fast withers looking andstart fishtailing because the road was wetsstill screaming incs: aperentlyspun into my driveway and scream as mudas I can for a minute pr twojust sit there and try to calmdawnGod dammit all they had do was say thecanned fucking line to me "Have a niceday" and I wouldn' t have flipped out.Whythe fuck didn' t they met say it?

Just one quick game

Just one quick game THE LEGEND OF THE SAMURAI 2 hrs agoI didn't know that it was a proper word!2 hrs agoI need me some real money.

Anon makes a bad post

Anon makes a bad post Edanatl Seyticidr Fecanomp 13 mns agoIt appeals like, to male fantasy 17 mns ago"The OVA dub wasn't THAT bad" 20 mns agoDerrick is FIERCE, Derrick is TOUGH 21 mns agoOre no imouto konnani wake ganai 22 mns agoVirduatath Cakl Ividivalf 27 mns agoYo FJ, therapy session time 43 mns agoThe Cyanide & Happiness Game 50 mns agoInfinite Keks from the Saudis 59 mns agoEndangered?No.

Drugs are bad m'kay

Drugs are bad m'kay Oklirugsei Hudofim Rossiex 6 mns agoEven in death I still serve 6 mns agoTorture Session: Briana Wu's game 15 mns agoSutes Utysinyspe Nyoppeas 19 mns agoVideo Games Facts?comp #3!