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Anon has a special ritual

Anon has a special ritual - Does anyine else have an autistic ritual they whenever they need tenIt make a decision.q f I - stt' s a yer' s; cur pf ': spidie ‘Witter H same : ure Indian LanguageCgi'.

/fit/izen reacts to a shooting

/fit/izen reacts to a shooting Board / ' Settings Home5 Anonymous 02/ ( Tue) 17: 05: 59 blo.fuck comes inside, shoots the14 receptionist in the head, andmakes his way towards the weightroom.

Anon is a good boy

Anon is a good boy i Anonymous 03/ 01 /1 7( Wed) 1 2: 1 4: 43 No.724026718ITT the most autistic thing youveI' ll startbbe meaat target with wife25 KB weabreak off from her while she' slooking at girly productsggo to produce aisleaam fatttrying to be good boyingredients for juicingssee wife walk byswave at hersshe waves backssay I' m being a good boysshe says good for you and walks offcell phoneicall the bitchwwhy the fuck did you walk off?

/pol/ memes part 2

/pol/ memes part 2 Please Don't Kill Yourself 22 hrs agoTrumper Comp109 -#ObamaGate 03/05/2017Fallout: Location spongebob meme 22 hrs agoI Laughed But It Hurt a Little.17 hrs agoif you're dutch you aint much 20 hrs agoHey, you stole my flag I was going to burn!

robot prefers single player

robot prefers single player Jesus christ MW.anon?