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anon as a gorilla

anon as a gorilla lli'.but they are being extra their fightsraise the dank is wrecking my allergiesiip, tiage to the store.

people dying, bulls are mean

people dying, bulls are mean An attempt to stop a car bomb doesn't really work out Police officer tries to save a man from committing via train but is too late.Luckily he gets out in time Woman trying to teach a kid to drive is run over by him Car crushes man between the hood of their car and the open truck bed exploding tire kills one mechanic while leaving the other stunned speeding biker crashes into turning van at high speedthe next 3 are just stupid assholes getting their **** tore up by bullsenjoy

why are you like this

why are you like this a good reason to play tekken 2 mns agoMemes with a spiciness of around 20 scolville units 36 mns agoTake a rest friend.I shall deal with this 42 mns agoReal Life Stop Motion Combined With Legos 46 mns agoWhich suicide made you happier?

Anon's self defense backfires

Anon's self defense backfires bbe matrully starts picking an maHake up EDD stabsY'' what what are you dam?I-“ DIE!