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Monster Fact Comp: Orcs

The Orcs, a race in Azeroth (originally from Draenor) are a race of hulking muscular beasts, who's very culture is based on honor and conflict.The most prominent idea among WoW Orcs, is the idea of Lok'Tar Ogar, which means Victory or Death.

Australians crying upside down

Australians crying upside down Australians are not ready for superbeast broadband,NBN chief saysblirHEADERS196READERS176READERSIE million mess new amounted to the NBNi) charts Charm, I (ti)AUSSIES are just not ready for superbeast broadband and would not use iteven if we offered it far free", the head of the National Broadband Networkhas alarmed.EIGHT THEAlton's arrest: can guyoutside Massesthingo an Huawei Mate , BootFleet: which phone std ye.

MEMRI TV part 2

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ARE YOU FUCKING SORRY The Toronto StarThe United States has fired the opening shot in :'t' latestBrill' ' ' war against Canada, with the Trumpadministration announcing its first batch of duties onimported wood in the neighbourhood of 20 per cent.THESTAR.