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You Are A Male Supremacist

You are a MaleSupremacist if:I you believe men are naturallymasculine and women are naturallyfeminine; that gender is innate andbiological, rather than a sociallyconstructed product of culture-I you believe gender is good ratherthan an oppressive hebraic , youbelieve gender roles are necessaryfor societyI you believe the nuclear familymodel is a good family modelI you believe men have a right toclaim a child that foamed inside of amckart' s body (support forfatherhood rights}

Drunk girls are the best

Drunk girls are the best Pissaro'scuri_ ously:I honestly love drunk girls so much,last night I was at a party and a girlstarted crying because she loved myhairOne time in college, I had a fight with myboyfriend and was sitting outside crying,and a drunk girl came over and gave mea leaf to make me feel better.Source:147.

The Robots are Devolving

The Robots are Devolving 4(: Back Edna Ward (-a minute agoa minute agoI I' m bored lady and I am Ijust searching for somesizzling chat lolyou want to play this interminator role 'iiia minute agorobot, no way?, randomhot girl finds my kika minute agoI you want to play this interminator role ;Holy shit, I broke therobota minute agoI you want to play this interminator role ' iti)in Robota minute agoyou want to play this inI terminator rolea minute agoI would you like to tradesome shots or perhapssome videos hahah '?