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Erdogan wants to take Europe

Erdogan wants to take Europe Officials across the continent are expecting Erdogan to square up to Brussels, reinstating the death penalty and demanding visa-free travel within the EU’s Schengen area.The increasingly authoritarian Turkish president, who narrowly won a referendum granting him more control over key areas of the government, made an agreement with the EU to home some three million migrants during the height of the migrant crisis.

Anon meets another /b/tard in the park

Anon meets another /b/tard in the park Return] [Catalog] [Bottom] [Update] [Cl Auto]File:Ll Anonymous (( Thu) 05: 12: 57 No.he breaks his rapid panting to laugh a little bitwe' s walking over towards his bike and pants whenWHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU "ewe both look towards our rightdfat black woman is closing the distance really fast.

i`m walt disney

i`m walt disney Another time was, we were tasking at the section at The Jungle Book where the little girlcomes out and gets in the water, and the titte hays up in the tree, and he falls into the water.She senses that he' s following her, so she drops the jug after a ways, and this continues all theway up, and the troy tasks hash at as Me audience] and shrugs his shoulders, and then heturns around and waits at the titte girl, and she wrinkles her nose up at him.

Jobs That No Longer Exist

Jobs That No Longer Exist One of the users in /autism/ turned this in.2 mns agoGet the F**K out of my house (1v5) 17 mns agoGeorge Lincoln Rockwell Section 31 mns agotrump didn't make anime real, 33 mns agoSeest Mesloshein Absoudsi 40 mns agoConfession thread (Day 24th of April) 55 mns agoXilepapsic Kaveto Lyencive 1 hr agoWhen Does The Magic Begin?

I'll leave tomorrow's problems to tomorrow's me

I'll leave tomorrow's problems to tomorrow's me Shoe0nHead "the red pill" 5 mns agoThe New Vegas sequel looks great 11 mns agoSome say the battle never ended other say.11 mns agoPaying for legal defense of Illegals 21 mns agoWhatDoYouDo: Make your edits 26 mns agoA sea of water and brown gravy 28 mns agoInstrumental Mario of Asia 29 mns agoBlack Union Live Matter May May!