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anon meets a girl in mental hospital

anon meets a girl in mental hospital BOARDS34590491RIK/rak/34590491Another storygget stuck in OCD center because lolfuck you someone else needs your roomdmeet probably the nicest girl evergust wants to live a normal lifewhorrible scarred because ofcompulsions (I didn' t ask specifics)wlecome friends because her tics werefairly easy to deal withsshe would spin three times before shesat down, and every time she walked upthe stairs she would have to put one footon the next step, then bring it back down,go up a step, repeat.She had some speech tics too, but notfull on tourettes.

Anon's a morning person

Anon's a morning person i Anonymous 02/ 15/ 17( Wed) 18: 47: 09 No.34898847Imagine being able to wake upwith this same joy and desire tobegin another day, not crawlingout of your bed in a stupor ofdepression and stumblingtowards the tasks at hand.

4 Years later... Hello again.

There seems to be alot ofmisunderstandingsabout whathappened to me.I am notsurburbanfuckingThen there was thatwhole thing withKodylol, oh boy.