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Introversion, as explained by Owlturd

Introversion, as explained by Owlturd South Park won't bash Trump to not be like CNN 21 hrs agoHow to die from fear itself 15 hrs agoAnon gets in trouble because of vidya 16 hrs agoDeadshots grandfather, circa 1945 18 hrs agoDank Tomfoolery 11- Bigger, Longer, and Uncut 11 hrs agoTrash hiding away from the sun 9 hrs agoThis is what a baby flamingo looks like 19 hrs agoWhat ever happened to our online friends?17 hrs ago

yet another games memes dump

yet another games memes dump MFW I return to work after a week off and have 992 emails 1 mn agoPANZERKAMPFWAGEN SCHADENFREUDE!1 mn agoThe New Hitman Game Looks Great 5 mns agoEvery bunny was Kung Fu Fighting 16 mns agoPolitical Correctness Game 18 mns agoHow Germans See American Beer 22 mns agoMyths That Black People Believe Debunked 25 mns agoMy phone judges me on my fetishes 33 mns ago

The Great Doggo Dumpening

The Great Doggo Dumpening Ilavney Ommudeivi Adryigrok 7 mns agoBlatant Movie Misquotes 2/?10 mns agoThis makes me uncomfortable 12 mns agoThe Bridge on the River Trash 32 mns agoKemono friends comp(ilation) 38 mns agoto make up for the last one 41 mns agoAnd he's off, like a herd of turtles 42 mns ago

games memes dump #5

games memes dump #5 dead friend < save the game , she got her priorities straight.7 mns agoAnon ruined his chance to fucc 12 mns agoTumblr Reacts to the Death of a Trump Supporter 15 mns agoIndian call girls indubai ,callwhatsapp 00971565841893 18 mns agoFastest Traffic Report Ever 23 mns agoI'm logging off life after reading this 27 mns agoBill Nye used to be cool.