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Anon tells his highest tale

Anon tells his highest tale i Anonymous ( Fri) 00: 33: 34 No.719602874Okay /bl this is a tale of the highestWe ever been and it changed mylifecollege virgintime I got to naked chicks22 KB we was in a stripclub in Britianafuckin strived for poontangget high as fuck and just imagine havingsex with beautiful womenfriend is roommate who gets astart off as friends but slowly get to reallylike eachother a shit tonFfucking intimate shit that I dreamed about at nightsone night both were had amazing fucking sexwhile my room was right next to hisshounds so much more special and better thanporns/ kt them time I took like 5 gravity bong hits andwas seem fuckin starsstrarted to get synesthesia and could feel whatthey were feeling just from what I was hearinglike I was getting fucked in a vagina andfucking with my penisssaw insane visuals of us three in a paradisemaking loveFearne for what felt like hours, ran into roommatesroom thinking they both had been telepathicallyhaving sex with me.

Anon tries to fap.

Anon tries to fap. i Anonymous 01/ 17/ 17( Tue) 12: 07: 30 No.4511419incognito modebecause I don' t want rrly girl tocatch meyhave like 30 pages up of stuffup, ready to mphwhip it outtorbrowser freezes53 KB JPGchrashes2: -rebootsball the pages I spent an hour pulling up are goneapenis deflates and I lay down, staring at theceilingView Thread

Blessed be The Emperor

Blessed be The Emperor E Anonymous (ID: () 'oiih' iilrecord serated*record scratch*freeze frayne*yep that' s me in the middlethereso I guess you' re wonderinghow I got in this position, huh?welt), it' s a funny story reallyr: and if you want, I' ll guide you through the wholething, so hold on tight!

/pol/ discovers Barron's secret

/pol/ discovers Barron's secret Ll Anonymous.bow to the Barronell] years old but already 5' IO"Exetremely.

Anon sacrifices for his country

Anon sacrifices for his country Cl Anonymous (Witsel T( Sun).bbe me 25 nerdpplay didya in my parents basement all the timedmeet grill online playing wowrafter a few months we exchange picscatfish her cause ugly as a mutt bred with a donkeyto fly out to her placewon' t know what‘ ll happen, butt fuck itin TSA line cause I' m not comfortable around peoplesstupid scanner beeps when I go throughITSA lady tells me to step over to the side to be scannedsshe starts patting me downsshe comes up behind me and whispers some shit I don' t remember in my earsshe starts fingering my butthole with one hand while she pats me downcomes over and sees my obvious discomfortHells TSA lady I look "suspect" and to do a full searchITSA lady takes me to side room and locks the doorAnon we need to do a randomly selected search for the safety of the American people"ait' s my civic duty to complysshe Hayes the roomHm such a patriotic citizensshe comes back three minutes later with lube, a strap on, and duct tapeHell her about how my father served in the Navy and how I' m honored to be able to serve my country like thissshe thoroughly searches my cavities to make sure I wasn' t hiding anythingcould have been a tenon's after allkirill I met online was just my chad cousin trolling meHow have you served your country?

The chink in their armor

The chink in their armor Libra " [pg A [19 KB, 376x396) goosie yandex Lag EAnonymous (IO: 18 minutes ago No.u)site in asian countryevery day dreamo about go to america to study at best universities in wardsstuff so hard, marry get acceptedmain universityI stink about how i can make dis wand better, baird ting s, some probremsstome for finerI ego to library to study5 spuddenly group of bakers-.

/fit/ lad chats up a horny lass

/fit/ lad chats up a horny lass 5 Anonymous 01/ 22/ 17( Sun) 14: 23: 12 No.401 094822240097421 if2 go to mobile phone shop to buy a cheap Nokiacute customer care associate is all over meSomebody as big as you can handle a nicerphone than that" she winksshe clearly wants the D2 get new iphone and she is impressedshe gives me a special for me withhands free headset, car charger and Angry Birdsphone case forcast more if I sign up for 24month contract which is fine,2 winks again and touches my armplanning on going back to buy a third phone so Ican get her digitsit 2240111810 it

/Fit/izen using psychology to get GAINZ

/Fit/izen using psychology to get GAINZ Or is it a temperary thing.If I step using my placebo will it tix itself'?

/v/irgin meets a girl

/v/irgin meets a girl i Anonymous 01/ 23/ 17( ddon) 14: 06: 01r: -talk to girl in second lifeANI: it offsexchange contact infostart skypingddo this for a few monthssuecide to meet up at dragoncon in Atlanta andshare a roomr: -aww yes, time for actionffirst day thereshaving funand his 2 bros compliment her zero suitcostumesshe keeps talking to themay I have to use the restroom and will be rightbackr: -come backtthey' re gonebsearch around and start calling hernnothingr» -fuck it, I' ll enjoy the con myselfggo back to hotel room laterddid I hear somethingopen doorr» -can' t open it fully because of that slide lock orwhatever you call itccan see her getting triple teamed by thein the mirror by the doorr: -have to wait until they' re finishedsmells like sex and I' m pissed

Playing 4D chess against oneself.

Playing 4D chess against oneself. I Anonymous) hme, wealthiest man in the world (Believe me)DemocratPeeople keepAppend most ofthe eighties shitting en Regan (A leverl}is president er something afterwardhas seme decent ideas but he' s just another corporate steelethat motherfucker but hang out with him because why notflush semes in and blows it (Another leser!}Ombama blows it.