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I love when Morty loses his shit.

I love when Morty loses his shit. Trump Locks the Press in the Basement 21 hrs agoHow to be alpha and win a fight 18 hrs agoGravity was on his side that day 23 hrs agowhen you wanna flip off but in PG game 21 hrs agoThis is me and my girlfriend.23 hrs agoSadly less than 2% of FJ will thumb this 18 hrs agoWhen you stop playing CS:GO 18 hrs ago

What's worse than ISIS?

What's worse than ISIS? I aint hearing that noise 6 mns agoWhen People Want Me To Go Outside 7 mns agoYou can't lose if you aren't in the duel 9 mns agoYou reposted in the Wrong Turret Spam 9 mns agoAsking the important questions 13 mns agorage comics are back in style.32 mns agoWell You Lose The Tank Battle 38 mns agoYou reposted in the wrong Team Comp 46 mns ago

Anon does anal with his gf

Anon does anal with his gf File: 55250 KEI, 3421245, 1349.

Simulator User Edition: canichaikait

 Simulator User Edition: canichaikait This is a side project I am thinking about making into a sort of "spin-off series".I used canichaikait as a guinea pig to see how this type of "Simulator" would be recieved.

Putin is a jerk

Putin is a jerk ned flanders is my spirit animal 22 hrs agoHow to miss it from a mile away 21 hrs agoThat's one hell of a military career 18 hrs agoAre you uncomfortable yet?part 7 16 hrs agoDank Anime Weebms Part 96 20 hrs agoFirst post in a long time 23 hrs agoThrough the Fire and Flames GMV 18 hrs agoWhen you thought she said hi to you 21 hrs agoKids the buckeling part 3 15 hrs agoRaletise Suermor Ryiduerse 19 hrs ago