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Are you sure you're straight? Boys are trash, after all

Are you sure you're straight? Boys are trash, after all the guardsmen spirit is strong 23 hrs ago/tv/ snickers at a fatty in the theater 21 hrs agoMEME WAR: OPERATION STOCK EXCHANGE 04/04/2017Write The Following In English 23 hrs agoBlack people invented English ya'll 21 hrs agoAnon goes to Piggly Wiggly 21 hrs agoEverything Has Led Up To This Moment.23 hrs agoCrazy Mothafocka Named Ice Cube 23 hrs agoChoose thy path carefully.

I just witnessed a murder

I just witnessed a murder File: fice.gng (170 KB, 780x505)American "men", eberyonei know yo live ' hut and all and I have no idea how you got internet but if you even slap a woman back inAmerica, self defense or not, we will rot in prison for the rest of your life or get off after leng legal battles and haveyour reputation tarnished and life ruinedI know it' s easy for you to get away with punching your third grade wife ' poonta but we can' t do thatgrade wifeI' m going to retract this cause I know you guys actually don' t have schools

Why I can't play FPS games.

Why I can't play FPS games. "But How Come His Posts Get Upovoted And Mine Don't!" - 23 hrs ago/pol/ack on the incoming Third World War 19 hrs agoWhat a real pussy looks like 23 hrs agoThese shows are still going on 21 hrs agoSidon thinks you're the best and so do I 22 hrs agoYou think being obese is cute?

Japan bringing the bantz

Japan bringing the bantz You seduce a chick there and give them a nice solid American dicking, and their little "midnight rendezvous" affects them the next morning.I mean who the **** would want to go there when Maine is right there if you want depressing Wuthering heights style scenery.

Best Korea brings the bantz to WW3 discussion

Best Korea brings the bantz to WW3 discussion /k/ommando knows how to deal with retards 17 mns agoAh yes, like in the old days 23 mns agoWith all this Wendys going around.44 mns agoDiamond Is Unbreakable Live Action Looking Good 50 mns agoLEGO Starwars Deathstar and Alderaan!

American defends his culture

American defends his culture E Anonymous (ID: )Tropical storm Luciferstorm about to hitLA in over 20 years5 tropical stormReloading alreadyhappening1% KB JPG Learned after the devilis God finally punishing California?5 Anonymous (ID: S) Ewhy do americans name every singlefucking mindblow?