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Brave American on /pol/ defends his culture.

Brave American on /pol/ defends his culture. E Antonymous( ID:Tropical storm LuciferNo.11312072' 1storm about to hitLA in over 20 years5 tropical stormalreadyhappeningma HE JPG Unamed after the devilis God finally punishing California?

Pajeet is tired of American hypocrisy

Pajeet is tired of American hypocrisy 156 KB, 1200x925)File: USE BIDETS YOUHow fucking retarded are you Americans?Honestly how do go about calling us the streetshitters when you disgusting brutes walk around alter using cheap paper to scoop your shitwith your own hands?

Daily News: 15 July 2K17

During a job interview an employer will often ask you about the reason behind the gaps in your resume.The applicant answering he took a few years off to fight for the glory of ISIS, probably less common.

To kill a /k/

To kill a /k/ mend drones to kill Jkldyrone pilot sees fat naked man on a roof with nothing on but a steel helmet and gas maskwe has a hunting rifle between his legs, and is rubbing his nipplesspillt steps back for a second to assess what hearst witnessedspuddenly gets tackledsits a different naked fat manone has a horse mask onmulls some strange purple thing out from under his maskHES a dildo the size of a wine bottlettoo shocked to do anything about the of fat and acne laying ontop of himmy the time he realizes whats happening, them a pair of cat ears on his head and a lot of pressure on his anusthe drone is getting pelted with full rounds of being volley fired out of shotgunswar, war never changes.


WE WUZ POCHAHONTOS AND SHIET Debate Emerges After Native AmericanWoman Tells Black Woman to 'keep HandsOff Our Culture'tht.20" in use In cf Ens-‘ e an Fa Eels: -ah: I Tweet an Twitter ECheyenne“: Psa referencing rapper The Great (right) chain reaction ofT Michael Huck Harrison.