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Mid East update: BREAKING NEWS

Mid East update: BREAKING NEWS ISIS has finally admitted its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is dead, according to reports in Iraq.The terror group is said to have confirmed that the 45-year-old was killed in an air strike in the Iraqi province of Nineveh.

Anon's sleep paralysis

Anon's sleep paralysis Weirdest sleep paralysis story?I' ll starttyu/ ako up leaking a’: ceilinglooking ass baby names inarw' s dancing an My c.

Anon meets anorexic eminem

Anon meets anorexic eminem obe meoon plane to miamiasit next to super skinny white dude who looks like a anorexic eminemwas bright ass dope hat on, and all sort enchains on, and Cs onanomie looking freshHe' s looks scaredaask if he' sfirst time he' s been on a planewise explains his homies from own a club and want to fly him down thereoi chuckleathis dude thinks he' s for real down with the hoodowe part ways when we land at MIAfew days later on last day of visiting family in south floridawe to beach for cocktailschalking across south beachoi then hear music blastingosee a big, bright dope hatoi think no fucking wayohe rolls up with a few thick ebony girls and like 3 big, black dudesowe make eye contactANON I GOT MY VIP PASS BITCH"ohe' s drunk as fuckohm homie invites me to clubawalk ineplace is loud as helland 9110 bitches everywhereeeveryone wearing gucci, supreme, jordans.and all types of stylish shitadamn b this shit poppiniparty and have really expensive cocktailsoas a mo i actually talked to a few girls and made a lot of friendsoshit the place downannorexic eminem is my new homieasleep way too late and almost miss planemonths lateriwatch late night newsosee gas station robberyerec him faceannorexic eminemohe shot 2 cops and got his face blown off by a El gauge shotgunomfw when i realized he smuggled meth through the everglades (big swamp used for smuggling]omfw when i realize he killed It peoplei have a little bit more tell me if you wanna hear the rest

Making the best out of your situation

Making the best out of your situation Hillary Steals From Her Own Supporters 16 snds agoMan this is upgrade 5 mns agoBill Burr has some great advice to give 5 mns agoWhen Handling Explosives Becomes Daily Routine 18 mns agoDon't be like this please 36 mns agoUncle Vinnies Blatantly Used Dank #22 37 mns agoFunniest man on the internet 39 mns agoThe greatest thief in the world 1 hr agoThe greatest thief in the world 1 hr ago