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Atlantis the Lost Doomfist

Atlantis the Lost Doomfist This is what an hero looks like 8 mns agoThis is how they're spining it 10 mns agoWhen she looks at your meme collection 16 mns agoAnd they said tinder would be fun 19 mns agoAntifa Doing What Antifa Does 32 mns agoWhen you dont get cast as Doomfist 33 mns agoThese Mile high club members hid it so well 34 mns ago

The perfect game doesn't exis

The perfect game doesn't exis How to freak out guests - That baby face is so alarming, right?3 mns agoRules for dating my daughter - Last one on the list is my favorit 7 mns agoLMAO - The "i" in team - That was hilarious :) 12 mns agoIt's showing on RADAR you've managed to land safely- OVER?

Give him a man called Royce

Give him a man called Royce Shaggy & Velma & Scooby relationship 5 snds agoWIP Meet Mr.Fleshgolem and Mrs.

/sci/ bikes home from university

/sci/ bikes home from university 59791Home home from uni with my bikeah/ vays try my hardest to arrive as fast as possible to train mybodywck) ck always a little more than 8 minutesHome home listening to eurobeatso much energy and it' s so fun to tome my legs to do theirhardest eyed when l can' t increase the speed anymorearrive about 5 minutes and 19 seconds after leaving the uniliterally can' t walk properlyMegs hurt so much I wait in pain on my bed for a minute before being able to write this shitty blog postWhat is the science behind this?Also, I' m feeling a weird taste on my mouth.

Vaga Cudal Novis Impomof

Vaga Cudal Novis Impomof The area of the crematorium in the Majdanek camp 2 mns agoWhy the West HATES and is DESTROYING Itself 22 mns agoI know you are but what am I?39 mns agoSome work agony can only be described in pictures 46 mns agoLooking for the rest of this thread 48 mns ago