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Steal His look: Captain Texas

Steal His look: Captain Texas I Laughed But It Hurt a Little.19 hrs agoif you're dutch you aint much 22 hrs agoHey, you stole my flag I was going to burn!

Fallout Dump part IV

Fallout Dump part IV Justin's Wholesome Memes/Comics #34 20 hrs agoWhen u forgt to put ur name on the test 19 hrs agoAnon wants to know why asians have weird eyes 23 hrs agoThe evolution of conquering Jerusalem 23 hrs agobiologically accurate O_O 14 hrs agoCaution swan is aggresive 20 hrs agoa good medic will not give up 13 hrs agoEU boss threatens to break up US 18 hrs agoYou can't argue with the math 18 hrs agoMedical terms are now apparently insults.16 hrs agoReaching Frontpage 2: Electric Boogaloo 23 hrs ago

A moment of shitposting for sweden

A moment of shitposting for sweden The guys were ahell of a lot bigger than me and I felt prettythreatened so I said "okay but just a handjobnothing else".The directorates said "well let' s seewhere it goes".


SHITPOSTING INCREASED TO 99 j no l (made Iyear old Sunni swanstuderhemamass.internals.

Mudkip's Stolen memes #47

Mudkip's Stolen memes #47 Unite the trash to unlock the smile room 19 hrs agoWhat are we going to do now 22 hrs ago/pol/ points out a minor flaw 22 hrs agoConfused Chris Pratt learns a valuable lesson 23 hrs agoim pretty sure FJ wrote the plot.22 hrs agoSometimes, you can be wrong 19 hrs agoWhen it's The Mummy, you don't a need a good title 18 hrs ago

some people don't deserve nice things

some people don't deserve nice things OOHand 99CommentsE Teenagers online have a need to makeeverything matter how odd thecharacter it is someones ‘warn’.