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OP's grandpa is a war vet

OP's grandpa is a war vet MI File: broke mike and shimada an I (120 KB, 1004x654)is 95 years oldwwas in a British tank batallion during WWIIwwas stationed in Europe several times during the conflictwwas always a role model for me, and a tough gusto heartwe visit him the other day at his beach housewrought my laptop with Girls und Panzer on ittthought he would think it fun that old tanks from his time arenow used inHell him I have show himpstart with first episodewe just sits there with a blank expressionhalfway through the episode he asks me to stopbasks me to leave him alonewe retreats into his study mumbling something like This is what i fought for"-ihaven' t heard from him sincewhat do I do?I didn' t mean to upset him.

Anon fucks up again

Anon fucks up again E Anonymousbbe mein townhousesSouper hot milf lives nextto mepm.Stolid tdr" AEI, like holy fuck95 KB PNG goddamn hotmateren' s like 11 pmher moaningthe degenerate NEET I am I jerk offFearne like 5 timesHorns out it was her elderly mother whofell and broke her hipI jerked off to an old woman' s moansof painWhat do to5 AnonymousSatrt) 21 :25:haha rip man, still hot though :135 Anonymous

Liberals versus math, who will win?

Liberals versus math, who will win? 95, 000 human beings live where Trump justdropped the biggest non nuclear bomb inAfghanistan w/ a blast radius of a mile in everydirection10: 57 AM -1330!2037is "Ist tlt Let.

Anon's job interview

Anon's job interview Fife: , ipg (95 KB, 394x404)Apply for a job at KFCScore a saterday interview because the regional manager is in townmien.Fm Anon"Hi Anon, nice to meet you"sitssitopens my folderPotarts with the typical interview questionsThe_ insecurity_ rises.

Mudkip's Stolen Memes #45

Mudkip's Stolen Memes #45 Students and Professionals 15 mns agoUsing the environment in a fighting game.16 mns agoZenaksi Deysudai Semameext 18 mns agoProstitution is just bad, dont do it 19 mns agoMental Breakdown Acceptance Day 21 mns agoSwindled again by this asshole 21 mns agoHallie Meyers-Shyer's 30th Birthday 23 mns agoLet me get that for you.

Mudkip's Stolen Memes #46

Mudkip's Stolen Memes #46 Tales of a Phone Operator 4: Bizarro Edition 4 mns ago/v/ about PLAYERUNKNOWN BATTLEGROUNDS 10 mns agoErnest Cline's Holy Grail of Pop Culture 10 mns agoim pretty sure FJ wrote the plot.11 mns agoFIGHTING SMELTER DEMON BE LIKE 13 mns agoWar Thunder Italian Air Force Trailer 18 mns agoConeal (Pearl and Connie ship) 19 mns agoMilitary Doesn’t Spend 8 Times More on Viagra than Trans 22 mns agoNeed some help mates with College problems 23 mns agoNight Trap - 25th Anniversary Edition - Release Date Announcement 29 mns agoRide Malfunction at Ohio State Fair - 1 Dead Several Injured 36 mns agoConfused Chris Pratt learns a valuable lesson 39 mns agoHow to get out of the Draft 2017 edition 44 mns ago

Kickass Fact Comp #95

Kickass Fact Comp #95 beastkenten PrevTopNextComment

Mudkip's Stolen Memes #95

Mudkip's Stolen Memes #95 Fulpper's Dirty memes done dirt Cheap pt.4 19 mns agoPART AND PARCEL - London Tube Bombing, 22 burnt 58 mns agoHow can FJ users lose their Virginity?