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Robot helps out his sister

Robot helps out his sister MI File:.jpg( 91 KB, 640x543)Cl Anonymous oil/ ll/ lima) No.

The next step for (((Shia)))

The next step for (((Shia))) 03/ 23/ 17( Thu) 13: 23: 03 No.11795568091 17955484 ifannounces the final refugeof the HINDU flagrain the depths of his mind, where25 KB we it will never be dividedr» -fast forward 66 daysdivison of /pola/ tracks downfrequency of shia' s REM sleep wavessplays a faint white noise away from Shia' shousecorrupts Shia' s mind, flag is loweredin his head, and he is filled with visions of pepethe frogr» -wakes up in a cold sweat and a hairsplittingmigraineby insanity, 66 days later Shia killshimself


PUTIN LAYS DOWN A SMACKDOWN ON MULTICULTURALISM Putin just drop some premium 91 octaneknowledge about multiculturalism ruiningwestern culture.iii' Original (Englisch)We see that many (!

Kickass Fact Comp #91

Kickass Fact Comp #91 I'm going to run out of 'kickass' facts in about a month, so I'm going to start posting the not so kickass facts the site has to offer.These just include any facts that involve death, depressed subjects, etc.

Mudkip's Stolen Memes #91

Mudkip's Stolen Memes #91 Got more important things to do , i'm sorry lol 28 snds agoFlorida don feel di force 22 mns agoInsane Dragon's Potions CYOA 24 mns agoSnippet from a true story 36 mns agoBoruto's Dad's Friend's Brother 57 mns agoFearless Girl vs The Kitchen 1 hr agoGot some things to sort out 1 hr agoMeanwhile, A Year Ago.1 hr agoYour daily dose of sadness 1 hr agoDouble Denied Titanfall 2 CTF 1 hr agoMore Spiky Child [Bakugou Comp 2] 1 hr agoA National ID Card Is Coming You Will Need It to Fly and drive 1 hr agoA-are you threatening me?