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Anon and his hamster.

Anon and his hamster. 5 Anonymous 02/ 1 6/ 1 '7( Tht) 23: 62ttr Be 9 year old meGet a paratrooper Action h/ lan withparachute4 > Tie parachute to family hamster109 KB JPG ts Drop it from the tth floorWatch the hamster crash on thegroundOld lady nearby starts to scream in horrorToo much of a pussy to get downstairs to retrieve thecorpseIN/ lam gets home, finds the dead hamster and molds meRemember my dad laughing his ass off when she toldhim what I did in the evening

/tv/ anon's mom pranks him

/tv/ anon's mom pranks him llooll No.79576331 3 hours agoIS, Ill 9,, we 51.

Beautiful in blue: Huawei's P10 turns the power, camera, and style up to the max

Beautiful in blue: Huawei's P10 turns the power, camera, and style up to the max The Huawei P10 turns everything up to the max with a better design, camera, and performance.The dual Leica camera lenses and sensors on the P10 are the same second-generation versions used on the Mate 9.

/fit/izen is underweight

/fit/izen is underweight i IiiBOARDS XFIO/Anonymous I 40505555.ago IIImother for first time in 69 I sshe says I look skinny and paleit ll smells me to weigh myself4 stoneof am 6'shoow she is panickingslucas told me if I do not gain at least Istone this week she will call a doctor totake me awaysjust made me sit on the chair whilstshe spoonfed me warm coconut milkscalled my dad who I live withslucas been on the phone for 30 minutesyelling at him for starving me, isthreatening to call child services eventhough I am 23skeels blaming my dad because hecheated on her and this apparentlymade me depressedskeels saying 'daddies little fibsreduced my son to ribs'stff I feel awful as I am the one whohow does this happen?

Anon explains his hated for Japs

Anon explains his hated for Japs ID: No.114360011 9 minutes agoPNG 32.