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Getting a haircut from walmart.

Getting a haircut from walmart. Jon Snow gets to work in the dragonglass mine 8 mns agoAn obviously true story that really happened 26 mns agoThe more you watch it the funnier it gets 29 mns agoThis is one good blackpill 1 hr agoYep, because that's how you keep allies 1 hr agoAsh gets another kiss, this time from Tapu Lele 1 hr agoMore like KameHAHAmeha, right?1 hr ago

google demonitzing trump supporters

google demonitzing trump supporters Youtube CRACKS DOWN on Diamond and Silk nDemonetizes 9!; of Their Videos Tor SupportingTrump'Joshua Kaplan Aug (, 3: 04 pm - so Commentspersonalities Diamond and Silk took to Twitter Thursday, accusing Google-owned Youtube of demonetizing 95 percent of their videos.

Microwaving your coffee to make it warmer.

Microwaving your coffee to make it warmer. One dead in Charlottesville protest (terrorism) 3 mns agoTerrorist attack in Charlottesville 7 mns agoI haven't seen this movie.Any good?