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Buttholee Video Comp #89

Buttholee Video Comp #89 Anon gets drunk and leaves his number in 4chan thread 03/26/2017master chief is dead, long live the chief 21 hrs agoTechnically it's a body transplant 23 hrs agoSiary Igun Inac Howolifevn 22 hrs agoBack When Cartoon Network was Good 23 hrs agoAvni Kowevissof Hiodsashe 23 hrs agoAnon makes a homeless friend 19 hrs agoThe voice of Samurai "Six-pack, All-Wrath" Jack 17 hrs agoThe hero Andromeda deserves, but not the one it needs right now 03/26/2017Handcuffed teen saves life 17 hrs agoFranchise defining qualities 22 hrs agoJust me trying to edit stuff 15 hrs ago

Shia LaBeouf has completely snapped

Shia LaBeouf has completely snapped Japanon examines the alt-right movement 10 mns agoJoe Rogan Podcast in a nutshell 11 mns agoSpoiler alert: he shouldn't 16 mns agoSeems like Greg has eventually found a good home on funnyjunk 19 mns agoYour first dark souls playthrough 24 mns agoanon goes on a pizza hut date 1 hr agoMy mommy always said there were no monsters.1 hr agoNonexathe Absa Balluigepu 1 hr ago

Mudkip's Stolen Memes #42

Mudkip's Stolen Memes #42 /biz/ gives a reasonable answer to a reasonable question 4 mns agoMonster Musume Compilation Part 57 5 mns agoDank thrones comp Season 7 part 1 10 mns agoNon-Newtonian fluid climbs spinning rod due to Weissenberg Effect 11 mns agoLife has many doors Steve boi 12 mns agoMayor of London to close half of city's police stations 18 mns agoT.J Miller insists Emoji Movie will "fight Trump" 18 mns agoVideo Lucu Apa Aneh Bisa Buat Ketawa 19 mns agoAnon works in a school library 22 mns ago

Op is a faggot

Op is a faggot they think a a closet faggot thatsabout to commit suicidettry to explain that the reason We neverhad a is because a spaztthey' re trying to hook me up with otherfagsggo full 88Brant about how being gay is unnaturaland it should be eradicated ect ecttthey think i just dont want to come out ofthe closet because scaredflickmylife.pngThis brings us to right now, how do iconvince them not gay.

Roll to be king

Roll to be king Inb4 it isnt actual history 9 mns ago/fit/ Whale Hunting Stories 13 mns agoOVERWATCH NOIR : Tracer & McCree 14 mns agoProbopass has a pretty cool fighting style actually 17 mns agoAlways calls on the kid who doesn't raise their hand 24 mns agoAssassinations is a dish best Serbed cold 24 mns agoWhich Civ game should I get?36 mns agoI like these poses Ash does now when commanding his Pokemon 37 mns ago

Girls love having the gap

Girls love having the gap The Telegraph', (Cr/ aw])) ifii) Telegraph ('Codwaw]),Gender gaps on #:Computing: 90.2% boysPerforming/ expressive arts: 89.