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/k/ has a dream about chongs

/k/ has a dream about chongs File: IE (83 KB, 407x6001Had this one awhile backIn my dreammet home from workoopen front doorwee two roommates bound to dining room chairs and gaggedsitting in back to meroommates look got beaten and shitman turns to meomega Ching Ching buck teeth and Tojo glasses and everythingOharro Mists Anon.why don' t you has a seat righ heawee gun in his hand so I comply (In dream I am not carrying buil know I have gun underneath kitchen table for some reason)we starts telling me he would like to purchase my housesay that' s nice and all but I am a renter notthe ownercontinues repeating about buying houseam already fucking angry and getting more pissedgguy starts dropping little matches on floor but they don' t go out, starting these little slow fireswe says ooh you Bookin mad now Mists anon why you not do something bout it little fuckamun too far awayon shelf right behind mebreach for bottle and throw it at himmisses and shatters my windowwe laughs and says more mom Fuck you more!

Anon finds a glitch in the system.

Anon finds a glitch in the system. talo.56 minutes agoJPG 83.

Wendy ain't having that shit again

Wendy ain't having that shit again 00000 AT& T LTE 12: 25 PM 83% "II' Tweet ‘ifWendy' s @Wendys _tit, ts) s'' A 500 Frosty is a pretty sweet sight!Grabyours before this deal melts away.

Kickass Fact Comp #83

Kickass Fact Comp #83 I'm going to run out of 'kickass' facts in about a month, so I'm going to start posting the not so kickass facts the site has to offer.These just include any facts that involve death, depressed subjects, etc.