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Anon has a hobby

Anon has a hobby File: 1500435_ (3.8 MB, 330x271)seems like something is wrong with him before he gets shot?

"Men get abused too"

muck: one e Mumo newFamous: skewed one oi someoneAbuse Moog; now male money: go;one Verna‘: Manner: nonwrong; MonsFamous!Harriet Norrman Von 'no Me women onpreference no mm men n mo gore goonsome Mm:.

Cringe Comp Pt. 8

Cringe Comp Pt. 8 The four horsemen of the apocalypse 11 mns agoGood Father and a Dramatic Son 15 mns agoGamers Share Their Weirdest Online Encounters 15 mns agoKamen Rider Out of Context Edition 17 mns agoWhen out of rockets, use log 24 mns agoHe's a persistent little rascal 30 mns agoHow to ruin a game in 0.2 seconds 35 mns ago


LOOK AT THAT FACE TURN The trash will show you the way 23 hrs agoSchoolchildren learn about 9/11 22 hrs agoTrashyStuff episode 2: The kids are on LSD 22 hrs agoWho looks at the titles anyway 21 hrs ago"What's it like growing up in an Indian family" 19 hrs agoChoosing the harder path for sympathy points.23 hrs ago


I CAN READ MINDS! 43 an an 10 mm 8only 10 left in stack.and try Fran t Fast no Human tryWant.

Robot has some obscure feels

Robot has some obscure feels 5 AnonymousObscure haswe post obscure feelsand really fucked up shitwe wantyou will never be a8 KB JPG dog in an upper middleclass familyyou will never be able to manipulatethe universe and space and time so youcan duplicate yourself into a cute girl, thengo back in time to your unaware presentself and date myself, and pull all of my ownheart strings so i can have somebody thatunderstands me and is nice to me andgives me the love i desperately need so idont keep going off of the deep end.yyou will never know what its like to be inthe mind of a normal healthy persondamages l View Thread l

Getting a haircut from walmart.

Getting a haircut from walmart. Jon Snow gets to work in the dragonglass mine 8 mns agoAn obviously true story that really happened 26 mns agoThe more you watch it the funnier it gets 29 mns agoThis is one good blackpill 1 hr agoYep, because that's how you keep allies 1 hr agoAsh gets another kiss, this time from Tapu Lele 1 hr agoMore like KameHAHAmeha, right?1 hr ago

Microwaving your coffee to make it warmer.

Microwaving your coffee to make it warmer. One dead in Charlottesville protest (terrorism) 3 mns agoTerrorist attack in Charlottesville 7 mns agoI haven't seen this movie.Any good?