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/pol/ predicts race war

/pol/ predicts race war enrichment" it' s a good idea to getout by the end of this week76 KB JPG Trump' s latest is going to causemass category 6 checkoutsJust thought I' d let you know, my dad is a middlemanager with the department of state they' realready drawing up disaster and contingency plansstay safe white anonsE Anonymous (ID: () E07: 36hearing a lot of chatter over the radio that confirmsmy suspicions, God speed.Cleanse the blacks.

76 is not always a bitter old man

76 is not always a bitter old man Conversations I_.Why didn' t you tell me?

Brit/pol/ on Socrates

Brit/pol/ on Socrates File: / (76 KB, 334x250)Socrates was somehow a hybrid.kknow for being a great soldierkknow and sexual prowessminnhe doesn' t want to work after getting back from warringmete a New of young men who follow him m/ ery/ where and treat him like a godbcba to provide for his family, would rather drink and shitpost with the ladsolives off autism/ pity but given to him by his friendsmet sentenced to death for corrupting the youtht bother defending himself and lets himself be put to death to make a pointlitterally chose death over becoming alitterally chose death over stopping the shitposting and becoming a normie

/tv/ on Gordon Ramsay

/tv/ on Gordon Ramsay MI File: Wiggly (76 KB, 770x470)Ll Anonymous ( Thu) 1227: 42 hho.Ffucking hell.