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Greekafags get cucked by kebabs

Greekafags get cucked by kebabs File: (75 , 670x677)I Story Time Anonymous (ID: -1 , (/ ffi/' 17( Thu) 84297.we me and my friend gamerfags virginssprout orthodox christiansunravelled to Belgiumwwent ene night to a clue's get lospussyHeed english musicamany qt girl and chad boysstance allure and captivate femalessand perhaps even malesCrosses in em swollen necksseer mamas put thumwhore because we are good boys and to protect us hem gay and mudslapspuddenly two Chaddy sandniggers approaches usohfuck_ gifthe fuck are we wearing infidels?

Muslim anon takes redpill

Muslim anon takes redpill File: (75 KB, 715x661)I' m a Muslim from the UK and I' recently discovered how everythingblue say about Islam is actually true and not exaggerations.Everything about how it uses tener and barbaric practices to control people in a social and mental prison are starting to make sense, and its only now that I' m realising whatIslam truly is.

Mudkip's Stolen Memes #75

Mudkip's Stolen Memes #75 Canada unable to accept 'refugees' 3 mns agoMeme Montages & Various Songs 8 mns agoX-Men 2 Clone Wars - Sentinel Complex 17 mns agoI was only pretending to be a thumbwhore guys xD!29 mns agoI'm getting good at photoshop 33 mns agoA Little Late, But Oh, Well 34 mns ago