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anon fucks with his teacher

anon fucks with his teacher Kaj feuding (67 KB, ) gewgle rue:gradeteacher straight out of indasuecide to fuck with hersshe asks for e' raer;.rene' s namewhat is your name?

Is Journalism Still a Thing?

Is Journalism Still a Thing? Multiple news outlets reported hate-crimes against Muslims in America surged 67% in 2015 compared to 2014 according to the FBI's hate-crime data analysis of 2015.- The red-herrings utilized to express to the reader that anti-Muslim hate crimes have increased on a massive scale.

Memes that taste like shit

Memes that taste like shit EQUALLY MASSIVE giorno reaction images comp for epiclapras 2 mns agoWhy I don't have a girlfriend 14 mns agoorigins of battletoads meme 16 mns agoKeep Talking and Nobody Explodes 19 mns agoMASSIVE josuke reaction images comp for greentornado 20 mns agoYou can't be racist against white people.20 mns agoEthereum crashes below $200 to hit 40-day low 26 mns agoWhen video game anti-piracy was in its infancy 26 mns agoWhy are we not funding this?