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An/o/n repairs a flat tire

An/o/n repairs a flat tire i Anonymous 02/ 12/ 17( Sun) 10: 58: 59 No.16653331spull carto side of roadwhisper to car that it' s been very good toralehold on this will just take a second andthen everything will be alrightmay feel a little pressureaafter smoking one last cigarette with car, talkinglike we used to back in the daysthe time has comeeyes it' ll be okay desuait' ll all be over soonbefire multiple bullets through engine blocki Anonymous 02/ 12/ 17( Sun) 1 1 :18: 22 No.

/fit/izen reacts to a shooting

/fit/izen reacts to a shooting Board / ' Settings Home5 Anonymous 02/ ( Tue) 17: 05: 59 blo.fuck comes inside, shoots the14 receptionist in the head, andmakes his way towards the weightroom.

Steve Harvey 4D Chess

Steve Harvey 4D Chess WC, Steve HarveyAnonymous (ID: -1 %59: 02 No.1 14495259 vSteve Harveyis Trump invites me to Trump towerl have a proposition for you.

/btard goes to college

/btard goes to college Return] [Catalog] [Bottom] [Update] [Cl Auto]File: images (uegg (3 KB, 127x127)Ll Anonymous (( Tue) 10: 59.24 No.

5D Underwater Snorkle Upside Down Chess

5D Underwater Snorkle Upside Down Chess i Anonymous (ID: ) E04/ 06/ 17( Thu) 22: 54: 59.119873609Trump attacked syria so themedia couldnt say hes colludingwith russia anymore.

/pol/ on linguistic diversity

/pol/ on linguistic diversity Parasta" / 17( Sun) 16: 30: 59 No.33123333333 ::To Learn , ,".

beta as fuck /b/tard tells a tragic tale for the ages

beta as fuck /b/tard tells a tragic tale for the ages File: IMG.29 No.

Anon makes a PB and J

Anon makes a PB and J E Anonymous / ( Fri) 02: 59: 50rebe me watchingspongebobmin this episode patricksprays toothpaste in32 KB JPG peanut buttereppisode ends and i gethungryawalk to my kitchen and pull out peanutbutter to make a and]the jokearun the bathroom and get toothpasteosprey it into the peanut butterblaugh uncontrollably for what seemed liketwo minutesaddo my best to clean it out and thencontinue making my and]forward to the next time making aand]when i put toothpaste in itaddo it againblaugh uncontrollably againHall into this patternaafter a while i stop laughing about it butnow i feel sad or empty if i dont do itml now can not make a peanut butter andjelly sandwich unless i spray toothpasteinto the peanut butter firstif anybody knew i did this they would thinkspecial ed