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anon and his sister's vibrator

anon and his sister's vibrator File: tmp -' (200 KB, 1200x630)L Anonymous 04/ 7( Thu) 11 :58: 07 No.36238039my sister' s vibrator while she was showeringI know where she keeps it since I stole it a fewtimes before)globed up and started pounding myselfchear a bunch of noise coming from next roomhers)and shit slappingsshe' s looking for the vibrator I currently have inmy assait' s been like 20 min and I can still hear banging and shufflingDo I just walk in and give it back or what?

/pol/'s retarded son

/pol/'s retarded son 3 Anonymous on i) W, 04/ 26/ 17( Wed) 23: 58: 16 No.123007494 _23007787 2300791 5File: 1491785836082.

Insightful /v/irgin predicts the future of the Fallout series

Insightful /v/irgin predicts the future of the Fallout series 5 Anonymous 07/ ) 04: 1 g: 58You are limited to one type ofpistol, bat, machineporn, minigun,and of course, a rocket launcher.Of course you' llget the Fat Man, after you earn the rocket launcherexperience by beating most of the inthe game.

/k/ommando has trigger discipline

/k/ommando has trigger discipline 5 Anonymousago to gympstart blowing guys in theshowers58 KB JPG gguy stops me mid blowjibberyhe' s all like, "bro do you like guns'?'?

Anon wants to smoke weed with gf

Anon wants to smoke weed with gf i Anonymous 07/ 28/ I 7( Fri) 1 9: 1 7: 58 No.38682639How do I convince my to take magicmushrooms with me?

Mudkip's Stolen Memes #58

Mudkip's Stolen Memes #58 Coffee Table With A Built-In Fridge, USB, Outlets, And Speakers 1 mn agoIndian pretends to be black to get into college easier.8 mns agoChef chocolate salty balls 16 mns agoFacelessrelay is a privileged asshole 16 mns agoThe Self-Serving Cosmopolitan Press 17 mns agoEconomics: why china is winning 19 mns agoDeku is a right-angle?

joke a day 58

A soldier ran up to a nun.Out of breath he asked, "Please, may I hide under your skirt.

games memes dump #17

games memes dump #17 reference for later, move along 1 mn agoHelp stop maid abuse with a like 14 mns agoFate/Grand Order Wedding event 28 mns agoCute Girl Drinking Hot Milk 32 mns agoMan Assaults Kid, Resists Arrest 40 mns agoJust Another Day In Russia 48 mns agoPanties-Stealing Ninjas Battle 48 mns agoTop 10 COMIC BOOK / SUPER HERO Cartoons Never Made (Midnight Soci 58 mns ago