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Working like a dog

Working like a dog So at my work we started testing our products ondogs.I feel really bad about it and Fm not sure it' seven legal.

Anon has an interesting belly

Anon has an interesting belly Return] [Catalog] [Bottom] [Update] pro' Auto] 45) 13 I 36 I 4File: (159 KB, 640x630)L) Anonymous 03/ ( Fri) 09: 51: 54 Nty,.726681144 F :iim% 3how does it feel knowing i could crush your head like a grape?

5D Underwater Snorkle Upside Down Chess

5D Underwater Snorkle Upside Down Chess i Anonymous (ID: ) E04/ 06/ 17( Thu) 22: 54: 59.119873609Trump attacked syria so themedia couldnt say hes colludingwith russia anymore.

Navy anon guys goes full retard

Navy anon guys goes full retard U Anonymous 04/ 07/ 17( Fri) 04: 55: 54 No.40986687File: we 0480.

Robot introduces someone to his therapist

Robot introduces someone to his therapist i Anonymous 04/ 27/ 17( Thu) 05: 09: 54You guys thought it was agood idea to introduce mywaifu to the therapistCKB JPG5 Anonymousintroduce my waifu to the therapistTOP KEKThat therapist probably needed a therapisthimself after that session.i Anonymous04/ 2 ffl 7( Thu) 05: 1 2: 35 No.

Anon goes to Ibiza

Anon goes to Ibiza Anonymous 07/ 16/ 17( Sun) 23: 54: 55 No.38416634I am posting this at 22: 45 from a hotelroom in Ibiza, Spain.

Anon enters a political thread

Anon enters a political thread Cl Amonymous 08/ ( Wed) : 54 Nio.:2: - >:)/ 38803334renter political threaddfalse Mg as the opposite side to force Pour side to cents up with better argumentsCl Anonymous (( Wed) 12: 02: 02.

Mudkip's Stolen Memes #54

Mudkip's Stolen Memes #54 KISSING WHILE YOU'RE NAKED 1 mn agoA STORY OF A MAN AND HIS BEAR 2 mns agoGeorge "the rock" Washington 8 mns agoBusty Twintailed Cutie Poses For The Camera 8 mns agoSwedish goverment and how it lies about stuffs 13 mns agoBRAWNDO THE THIRST MUTILATOR 20 mns agoImmigration in America 101 25 mns agoAnon takes personality test 37 mns agoThe realest and most short lived love 1 hr agoDomestic Violence goes both ways 1 hr ago

Robot gets an online gf

Robot gets an online gf Anonymous ) ita: 54: 24 Nty.38919883pathetic women storiesyears agoffind gt in my country milessshe' s a fat fuck like myself, don' tmindschitty personality though203 KB PNG ttell her I want to lose weight, ask ifshe wants to join in for motivationanduinwho says no, 2 months later tells every mutualfriend I raped her and deletes and blocks meeverywhereblast monthwho adds me on facebook, her job is being aliteral horse shit cleaner, still fat as fuckashes really salty and passive aggressive with mel didn' t even initiate shit)aask her why she' s being so bitchyAll throughout my teens, I was uncomfortableabout my body because of YOUR daily BULLYINGand forcing me to exercise, this is just myNATURAL SHAPE, weight loss is a soam"aask her how she thinks I lost weighttushe rants on about how ) U' RE RICHYOUR "DEGREE" SO YOU CAN AFFORD TO EATHEALTHYI had a hearty chuckle