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Post your reds here

Post your reds here we 1219243177 my KB 640x495, )E Dragons Falcon's 08/ ) 10 39 37 No 91194397mumm no mesE Anonymous ) 10 40 51 No 91194492we 1219243251 3441 KB, 295x340, myred dragon hereAnonymous 08/ 20/ ( Wed) 10 " 19 No 81194625we 1219243339 KB, 259x199, aed\ my91194492red ream standing tryD Anonymous ( Wed) 10 43 26 no 91194719we 1219243406 was KB.250x188, rem myred 1 standing byD Anonymous ( 44 " No 91194799we 1219243448 KB, 1290x1924, _ f my91194719Red moo standing tryD Anonymous / ( Wed) 10 44 51 no 91194942we 1219243491 w( 65 KB.

4chan on a 6 year old daughter

4chan on a 6 year old daughter thanks he s use tune 6 year Nd daughter hes my hear weeks Is heI decided Is reed the perverts take my mind it and s suicide hconner in has tilted it new in a market place.

/pol/ does a crusader's work in Afghanistan

/pol/ does a crusader's work in Afghanistan eel 22555545 eel 175511 30 eel 22303630 eel 228041 39 mil mil 22554252 mil 2' 28051 73 mil mil 22555552we me 2008to Afganistan for the second timeestelle like shit and is hot as fuck all the timethrow rocks at us and they think its funnysstupid camelfilters constantly trying to hand us worthless shit for moneyrafter a month ifthat shitl get pissed and get alieniheard wary pork sausage MRE I can get my hands on cause nobody eats themout the pork entree to kids and watch them chow down on itemu: lemonade powder into conroy piss bottles and throw them out the window watching those fucks fight to drink my piss bottlezoo this for six months and dispense at least 2000 pork sausages and hundreds of bottles of pissI Anonymous (ID: - ( Tue) 17: - eel 22793375 eel THEE mil 22793963 eel 22796463 eel eel eel eeleel 22595552USP:Cont.gget noticed by our command for my generosity and praise by the localsH om mand rec om mends I get an ATCOMgget homeis doing awards and gives a big speech about how I showed honor and self sac reface to help the poor Afghanisgget medal pinned on uniform and give a speech about honor amidst doing what jesus would doemfa l got a medal for giving out pork and piss

GC: 4chan comp 2

GC: 4chan comp 2 The rare stroke of genius at Activision.1 mn agoYou're asking the wrong type of questions 9 mns agoThe Midwardens of Dalyntica 18 mns agoGoogle is based (it's a joke) 37 mns agoThey can't just leave us be 54 mns agoPrimitive Technology: Water powered hammer (Monjolo) 55 mns ago

elephants on a yacht

elephants on a yacht Anonymous hlt: Lta' as minutes ageWave gt for 6 monthsewe move in together a month agoggf brings her deg, it' s like a [media orwhatever, real cuteatenay I got home from playing golf withmy buddies (inba rich normie fag)Aand my receiving oral from her degsshe just stutters eat "Anon" while I turnaround immediately and walk out the doorsright new I' m on my phone on aMcdonalds, 28 missed callsWat do?Fuck my life.

4chan bringing the bantz

4chan bringing the bantz I Anonymous (ID: '730_ 403 GPafter faags were introduced, /pol went m' s like you guys cam see it.

I Wish Someone Could Hire Me For Their Meme Marketer

I Wish Someone Could Hire Me For Their Meme Marketer i Anonymous 04/ 27/ 17( Thu) 17: 1 : 19we mewe highschool dropoutshave no credentialsresume to literallyeverythingget hired by Wend/ swon' t really care about the joband shitpost on corporate twitter thinking it' ll befunnyreinvent entire brandmales up 20%division declares me their new kingdollar bonus1 60 KB PNG

nigger anon offends sjws

nigger anon offends sjws its me, a 25 year old niggersin the library, trying to study for same shit4 hearths sound of people yelling from outsidescant concentrate because I have adhdage outside to see what is going anms saan as the door opens, I get kicked in the balls with a stench that only ane type of people can excretespecifically white, fat, and dyed haired awesplurging my nase, I thought to myself (let' s go fuck with same mistakesappearently there was a protest going an about howthe staff at the library were "disrespecting the Iget community"4 asked ane ofthem howthee were against the Iget communityThey support the use oowhite people using the n ward (hard r, thumbs up, n word)how?And it' s a ward that diesnt mien insult yam specific skin color, it insults mine.