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The science behind race mixing

The science behind race mixing MI File: relationship, jpg (48 KB, 485x364)Ne heard Race Mixing is pretty bad, and that the offspring arementally challenged.But are there any advantages to race mixing?

Anon relives 9/11

Anon relives 9/11 5 Anonymous0412411 7( hhow) 4: 48.36513821scilent kid that had no friendsweird even for metrons day class is silent doing exercisesmete up loudly pushing his chair overastards making really loud noises from theback of his throat like a primal call or someshiteeveryone looking at him by then, heopens his arms and starts walking slowlytthen grunting starts to look like airplanenoises and he just runs around the class acouple of times, everyone just ignores himtreacher walks in the class, the kid seeshim and start sprinting towards himbefore impact the kid is at fullspeed and unironically screams NINEchrashes into teacherwreaks an arm and two ribsbcame back to school a week later

Anon takes an Exam

Anon takes an Exam I Exam Taking Anonymous (( yesd) : 48 No/ 36572409Exam taking story time?rile mestudentGeluid Mechanics Exam in 2 hoursthis I' m gonna failrarReemember I am Lactose Intoleranthit I can eat some Ice Cream, I will fartMaaking the room smell bad will force everyone in the lecture hall to leave early to avoid the smellwill bring the average down so the prof will have to curve the examPluckily my farts are silent but deadlymy devilish planHIE gallon chipto lecture halltummy is rumblingdown to take test and I feel the absurd amount of gas buildup in my rectumbeginsabout 15 Namesakes in 25 minuteswall silent, but all deadlyPeeople begin to leave around the 20 minute mark of a 90 minute examrues I finish, there are only 2 people left, one being the profand my test in and head homemmy plane ork ed.

Discord makes /r9k/ anon gay

Discord makes /r9k/ anon gay MI File: (34 KB, 197x260)I Discord made me gay Anonymous 06/ ( Fri) 07: 37: 48 hla.38049099 [Reply]we lonely shut instraight never had attraction to guyscierto friendsedov.

Anon kills himself with cyanide

Anon kills himself with cyanide Ask my anything in this thread363 KB PNGi Anonymous 07/ 20/ 17( Thu) 07: 09: 15 No.Also, I got it from grinding ametric shit ton of cherry pits.

Could be fake, interesting if not

Could be fake, interesting if not OPEN LETTER TC) LOS ANGELES MUSIC INDUSTRYAND LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIESRecently, I have obtained evidence implicating several popular recording artists in thepromotion at at child seat ring in the United States.-ledge the presenceof a human and pedophile ring closely aligned with the music industry and tnecontemporary art co.

/fit/ has a vice

/fit/ has a vice jpg555 KB JPGGuys haw do I stop wasting money t needfor healthy food on woes‘?My sexual was is that I like to purchasenovelty bedsheets.