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Zadey Dile Foludak Hiliow

Zadey Dile Foludak Hiliow 5 Anonymous (ID: )E'0312011 7( Mon)’ l 5: 35: 25 No.1 1751 6306png40 KBIsn' t it sad that Trump detractors like you havenothing else left but fortune telling and wishing forhim to failure?

stahp it you jerks

stahp it you jerks Justin's Wholesome Memes/Comics #34 23 hrs agoWhen u forgt to put ur name on the test 22 hrs agobiologically accurate O_O 17 hrs agoa good medic will not give up 16 hrs agoCaution swan is aggresive 23 hrs agoYou can't argue with the math 21 hrs agoEU boss threatens to break up US 21 hrs agoMedical terms are now apparently insults.19 hrs ago

Are you sure you're straight? Boys are trash, after all

Are you sure you're straight? Boys are trash, after all the guardsmen spirit is strong 23 hrs ago/tv/ snickers at a fatty in the theater 21 hrs agoMEME WAR: OPERATION STOCK EXCHANGE 04/04/2017Write The Following In English 23 hrs agoBlack people invented English ya'll 21 hrs agoAnon goes to Piggly Wiggly 21 hrs agoEverything Has Led Up To This Moment.23 hrs agoCrazy Mothafocka Named Ice Cube 23 hrs agoChoose thy path carefully.

Anon gives rape advice

Anon gives rape advice we meg close 40 lbspstart looking decentgget first girlfriendgget was and shit, life' s greatrams day girlfriend is depressedaask her whystarns out her brothers a rapist who raped herlittle sister but only got 3 and 1/ 2 months andcurrently lives in the same household with herand the sisterwiping to her house Saturdaymatte to meet the rapist faggot and pretend Idon' t know what he didWhat do?88 KB LPG5 Anonymous 04/ 13/ 17( Thu) 14: 22: 47 No.

Anon talks about his childhood

Anon talks about his childhood IcawNC?291 3221 7 6 hours agowe an we 40(Weird Shit You Experienced as a Kid threadbbe 'rayo memad is in hospital w/ his tth heart attackH have to poopI was given directions to was closed forcleaningAabout to shit pantsbathroom in employee only areaReprint to itup stallgiant black dude on his kneessucking off a skeleton dude that was maybearound and runshit until I get home 12 hours later

anon is the last of his line

anon is the last of his line U Anonymous (( yesd) 19: 40: 13 No.36397347 F ::23 USP:mmfw i am the only family member bearing my paternal surname who can hare childrenfather is too old to have more childrenuncle' s useless wife gave him 2 daughters and they dooit plan to have moreaunt' s children got ' s surnamemy dynasty will literally end because i am worthless

40 acres and a shooting spree

40 acres and a shooting spree Mike I RetweetedOliver Darcy's @ rimFresno shooting spree suspect enters courtroom yelling, “Black people needreparations" & "Let black people gorFresno shooting spree: 'Let black people gol' Kori Muhammad y.Kori Ali Muhammad made his first court appearance Friday, April 21,since the deadly attacks that left four men dead in Fresno.

4chan bringing the bantz

4chan bringing the bantz I Anonymous (ID: '730_ 403 GPafter faags were introduced, /pol went m' s like you guys cam see it.