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a feel good story?

a feel good story? TI Anonymous (ID: cel {Zifv' ‘ " l [ Wed} 1 8: 34: 43 No.477045509File: ".

anon makes a friend

anon makes a friend Anonymous ) 12: 24: 32 No.34:sbe metit after 2 yearsmet on tinder and post pics of my abs etcattatches are loving itHeat forward two weeksween out with at girls, meeting another that nightmet to bar, she doesn' t look like picturestuck it, it' s easy tangshave a couple drinks and then 1 ask to go back to her placeaha is really into itmet a cab and I finger her in the backback to her place in harlemfucking brother is on the CouchHay "oh hehey how are you doing man"she looks up and gruntsknotice he' s playing MESHpstart talking with him about vidya while girl tries to drag me into her roomI spent on drinks and cab fare to play 1/ idya with the girl' s brother for It hoursGot his number, should I text him today?

Anon takes pictures of women

Anon takes pictures of women E Anonymous 07/ 14/ 17( Fri) 18: 49: 34aat Universal Islands ofAdventure with my familywaving a fun timeishall of a sudden two cute72 KB JPG girls around my age comeover to me and ask me totake their picture with their phonetake their picture and they go en theirwayWhy did they cheese me?The nerdy, beta,zit faced 20 year old?

robot describes his annual income

robot describes his annual income E Anonymous 07/ 23/ 17( Sun) 13: 38: 34 blo.38571997I myself don' t make any money (Iam not a wage) but my mommymakes a cool a year!

Asking 4chan for help is a double edged sword

Asking 4chan for help is a double edged sword gif (34 KB, 542x352)tr, E Prussiano IRavenbird'.) My grandfather was interned in a Nazi concentration camp during the war (inba Holocaustnever happened) where he met my grandmother.