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/pol/ prays for Trump

/pol/ prays for Trump Cl WTF are they doing at the White House?33133355355 331 33360948 33133351132 3313335121?

Anon cuts his head

Anon cuts his head I Amonymous 07/ ( Mon) 13: 33: 31 hito.739884074 _How was your first time having sex anew?

/x/ Creature at Summer Camp

/x/ Creature at Summer Camp May 2013 23: 33: 45 Reporthabe 12he get sent tn a summer camp by mistake because best friends mom is ESLhe 1200 kids.I' m 1 of 5 white kidshe friend and I get assigned to Cherokee camphe Cherokee camp is pretty inns weeds and my cabin is even further Inna weeds about hem a large creekare your basic 15x15 6 feet wall with 4 feet of openness Into the mothe bunk beds.

Anon has daddy issues

Anon has daddy issues 5 Anonymous!17( Thu)‘ : 19: 33 No.

we wuz innawoods n' shit

we wuz innawoods n' shit II I when shes starts hitchin, innawoods.-l RAN innawoods- This is the story ofthe sketchy operation.