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anon makes a friend

anon makes a friend Anonymous ) 12: 24: 32 No.34:sbe metit after 2 yearsmet on tinder and post pics of my abs etcattatches are loving itHeat forward two weeksween out with at girls, meeting another that nightmet to bar, she doesn' t look like picturestuck it, it' s easy tangshave a couple drinks and then 1 ask to go back to her placeaha is really into itmet a cab and I finger her in the backback to her place in harlemfucking brother is on the CouchHay "oh hehey how are you doing man"she looks up and gruntsknotice he' s playing MESHpstart talking with him about vidya while girl tries to drag me into her roomI spent on drinks and cab fare to play 1/ idya with the girl' s brother for It hoursGot his number, should I text him today?

Mudkip's Stolen Memes #32

Mudkip's Stolen Memes #32 Why you shouldn't be eating hotdogs 3 mns agoGet the internet!For those GTA4 fans 4 mns agoHi finnally did it, i got a GF!

CNN is so out of touch it's not even funny.

CNN is so out of touch it's not even funny. i Anonymous (ID: : )!ille32 KB weCCNN anchor Poppy Harlow mistook theBanner for the French national anthem, while coveringPresident Trump' s arrival in the country Thursday.

Anon sleeps over at his cousins house

Anon sleeps over at his cousins house I ( Ewes agosbe merage to cousins for sleep carerwehave it cousins32 guy' s.I girl2: satay up latepplay vidya watch moviesgiri cousin }' 5 uncle has lots of extra beershe wont notice a few missingaccentrave get buzzedguy cousin doesnt like beer goes ta bedEma gqy cousin gets phone and splits for a while311st me and girl cousinidrink more while watchingstarts saying shes drunkminutes later look {WEI and shes crashed outffind a blanket and cover her uprage to bed without molesting cousin because we have a stable funnily relationship and not attracted to her

Anon's mom finds it all

Anon's mom finds it all Anonymous 08/ 19/ 17( Sat) 18: 41 :32found the BBC folderg found the sissy hypno folderfound the horsecock folderfound the interracial gayfolder48 KB JPG found the interracialamateur folderfound the interracial amateur gay folderfound the folder where it' s just pictures of mein her panties and dresses being a huge faggotfound the mom incest folderfound the blacked folderfound the succubus hypno folderfound the occult folderfound the pictures of her naked, dressingand bending over folderfound the sploog spongefound my craigslist advertisement to meethung black men in motel roomsfound my drug stashit was a rough day