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President Trump makes first contact

President Trump makes first contact File: tn.ipg (157 KB, 1200x1500)31, 2019aliens land on white house lawnallele green man steps out of spaceshiptoday marks the dawn of a new era.

Anon clicks an ad

Anon clicks an ad i Anonymous 02/ 02/ 1 7( Thu) 1 7: 31 :04 No.721 156942sbe raleyear old virginNEETto fuckone of thoseFuck a hot rrly) ral near you"MILF fetish so it worksasign UIC)up with "Hot enorn" at coffeeshopr' rll/ rebornl/ tii?

Anon visits his aunt

Anon visits his aunt 5 Anonymous 02/ 1 1/ 1 7( Sat) 00: 31 :08 No.34789061auntffap furiously in bed after youwake upgood manaabout to blow a load13 KB we chear my aunt coming to roomput the blanket on mydicksshe opens the dooracumsshe casually talks about what we are going todo today while I try to keep a fairly normalexpression on my face while jizz pumps out ofmy dickaafter she leaves try to clean up the jizz from theblanket a bitalways get horny when I see my auntddon' t visit aunt ever again

/fit/izen is the gym bully

/fit/izen is the gym bully i Anonymous 02/ 28/ 17( Tue) 07: 22: 31Who /gainfully/ here?2.

Justin's Wholesome Memes/Comics #31

Justin's Wholesome Memes/Comics #31 There are 2 kinds of people in this world.21 hrs agoWhat kind of person were you in high school?

Anon explains why women ruin video games.

Anon explains why women ruin video games. 31 1 074 31 I TTIFile: (F KB, 208x206)12433313323the reason this game sucks so bad is because it was designed by women who don' t care about games, Women ingeneral don' t even care about their work.These women weren' t recruited because of their great passion tor gaming or their great skill: they were recruited because they were sensitiveto cultural issues and had colored hair.