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Anon orders more than 300 pounds of beef jerky

Anon orders more than 300 pounds of beef jerky File: ' Itq (3.62 MB, 3088x4460)Amazon had a jack links price mistake last year and I loaded up about worth.

To kill a /k/

To kill a /k/ mend drones to kill Jkldyrone pilot sees fat naked man on a roof with nothing on but a steel helmet and gas maskwe has a hunting rifle between his legs, and is rubbing his nipplesspillt steps back for a second to assess what hearst witnessedspuddenly gets tackledsits a different naked fat manone has a horse mask onmulls some strange purple thing out from under his maskHES a dildo the size of a wine bottlettoo shocked to do anything about the of fat and acne laying ontop of himmy the time he realizes whats happening, them a pair of cat ears on his head and a lot of pressure on his anusthe drone is getting pelted with full rounds of being volley fired out of shotgunswar, war never changes.