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Microwaving your coffee to make it warmer.

Microwaving your coffee to make it warmer. One dead in Charlottesville protest (terrorism) 3 mns agoTerrorist attack in Charlottesville 7 mns agoI haven't seen this movie.Any good?

Anon tells the story of his conception

File: (47 KB, 800x530)Cl Anonymous 0811 at 1 T( Wed) 1 3: 14: 13 -emem telling me the story haw her and my dad metmmy mom is white american, my dad is full arabicmmom proceeds to explain they met over 15 years ago over an internet chat momthat my dad' s english was probably shit at that time cause he still lived in Jordan, a countryall the memes about arab/ indians dudes harassing white girls aminekl can nest the wistsmmfw i realize that i was most send: levee from my dad saying "hale l: beutiful show bob"meant to say indian'

Not So Kickass Facts #3

Not So Kickass Facts #3 Planetary annihilation titans is fun 3 mns agoThat's just called being gay 12 mns agoSPEED's Intro to the 2012 Formula One Season 12 mns agoDeep sea fisherman catch the most bizarre fish 36 mns agoBoku no Hero academia comp 37 mns agoWholesome: Vietnam vet with Dementia helped by Colonel 39 mns agoMass Effect looks amazing.45 mns agoGwenpool getting cray-cray 52 mns agoIf a male cared about feminists he should just kill himself 1 hr agoVandalism Comp, only new stories 1 hr ago

Bnha cursed images edition 3

Bnha cursed images edition 3 Chameleons will hold onto anything you give them.2 mns agoIt'll be easier to silence you now 10 mns agoWho remembers this old gem?

Does Overwatch’s Numbani Map Have a Game-Breaking Exploit?

Does Overwatch’s Numbani Map Have a Game-Breaking Exploit? For all of its popularity, Overwatch is not a perfect game.But one major Overwatch issue isn’t just annoying, as it completely breaks the game.

from James Cameron's ama on reddit

from James Cameron's ama on reddit points 3 years agoMtr Ht James, thanks for stopping by.lie been wondering where the idea to ALWAYS have a character yell “Go, go gril" inyour movies came from.

GC: doggo comp 3

GC: doggo comp 3 India Divorce - True Story 10 mns agoCute Morbid: helping bird birth 16 mns agoQuestions to Ask a Trademark Attorney 27 mns agoCultural incident in Marseille, France 48 mns agoG.O.