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At least dogs are loyal

At least dogs are loyal ems 6Men are fucking dogs!15, mins LikeMew years ago I met a guy.

anon expresses his love for McDonalds

anon expresses his love for McDonalds t.720359124Have you guys ever purchased aMcdonalds big?

/pol/ sets the record straight

/pol/ sets the record straight File: (26 KB, 320x480)ftfw black and was at the LIE Berkley protests defending Milo and all of the nummie Antipas were dead ass afraid of meand I even blathered one in the head after he bumped into meAdmit it moi!You guys want negro strength when it is on your sideI don' t have a problem with black people unlike most of mot’.

This girl gets it

This girl gets it OHOHOOMiata, 263 kilometers away Active 10 hours agoAbout MiataEvery single time a man sleeps with a lot of women,he' s called a stud.But ifa woman sleeps with a lot ofmen, she' s called a slut, and people thinker's isunfair.